I’ve taken the time to write about skincare and how you can improve your skin. Being a youngster myself, I understand the pain of always wanting your skin to be as shiny and smooth as the girl’s next door. So I’ve decided to help my fellow boys and girls.

°Steam your face regularly: so the first trick, which I’m sure you have probably heard about before, is to boil water, pour it into a big bowl, put your head a safe distance above the water, and cover your head so that the steam doesn’t escape. This will open up your pores (the tiny holes in your skin) which will allow oil to escape, making your skin oil-free.

°Don’t wait for your skin to dry after steaming: after you have steamed, I strongly advise against waiting for your skin to dry on its own. Immediately wash your face with face wash or just water. The reason is, as your skin dries, the oil that has escaped your skin will sink back in making all your efforts practically go down the drain.

°If you suffer from oily skin, discontinue the use of oily facial products, stuff like Vaseline #big no no!!!
°Do the above methods daily and remember, it’s not necessary to apply lotion on your face after steaming.

Tell us: What is your skin routine?