Everyone comes from a different background. Some are positive, some are negative. Our backgrounds don’t make us who we are, it’s our choices that shape us. But one factor that contributes to this, is in the community where you reside. Your neighbourhood influences you, whether you realise it or not.

So, let me start off with my own neighbourhood, from when I had just started to take my first steps as a toddler. My dog had run onto the road, and I was afraid to go and get her. There was a car that was approaching, and it didn’t stop for us. The driver was completely ignorant, and bumped into her. Her leg was hurt, and she found it hard to walk. The driver simply drive off. The “neighbours” were all outside, watching…

I mean, what’s the point? You just stand there as a silent spectator?

That was really annoying for me. That type of behaviour remained, and still continues to this day. For the numerous utility problems we face, my family and I are the only people who actually stand up and find solutions. We don’t just do it for ourselves, we do it for everyone. But, this is not true for when the others have to do something. We are always left out, because they don’t like us for some reason.

I would say that my neighbourhood is terrible. We have a group (or gang) of guys that hang at the bottom of the street with their modified cars blasting music. They also have a drug business (shh, I didn’t say anything) and are known to start fights with one another. Although the police have been here numerous times, this has never changed their behaviour.

Other things include the back house. It’s a little rental that is not really, clean. They have a wastewater (not sewer thankfully) line that goes straight into the ground, and not into a dedicated pipeline. So, since the “correct” pipeline passes under our property, it comes up in our yard.

We have taken it up with the appropriate people, and nothing has been done as yet. However, the owner of that residence was extremely rude to us and really selfish towards others. That leak could be a possible health risk, yet she’s not bothered. This really frustrated me, because she is not worried about anyone except herself.

Going back to that gang, we had one incident where they had come to argue with us. There was something about a fake social media account that was complaining about them online. A neighbour, who causes problems for everyone, gave them out name. She was certain it was started by us.

They were all talk though, and eventually left. We reported that incident, which made them apologise. After all, they were also drunk. But, again, why is it that our “hoods” are so weird? I mean, not everyone has this, but why do we? Why do people choose to make such bad choices in their lives, even when they know the consequences? This question is always on my mind.

All of the above are based on true events in my life, in my neighbourhood, all around my home. I merely used then as examples to convey one simple message: People only care about themselves.
Some of you reading this may say, “It’s good to worry about yourself “, while others may say, “That’s not fair. You have to be nice”. Well, that I leave for you to decide. But I am a supporter of “being nice”. It’s my values I’m talking about anyway.