Lerato sat cross-legged on her bed, dreamily starring out of the window. She was thinking of what to wear tomorrow at her friend’s 21st party. Lebo was a well-known around the township of Ekangala. Lebo and Lerato had been friends since there were six. Lerato was very beautiful, every guy wished to go out with her.

Lerato took her phone and dialled her ex-boyfriend’s number, Thabo. She got his voicemail but she didn’t leave a message.

The next day she woke up and went straight to the fridge. She took a bottle of milk and raised it to her lips.

“Lira what are you doing? Tell me, what are glasses for?” asked her father.

“Sorry daddy,” Lerato apologised

“What you know best is to apologise,” said her father angrily.

Lerato laughed secretly and went back to her room.

Time was going fast, it was 12 p.m. already so she had to prepare. She wanted to look beautiful. She decided to wear a purple mini dress, and high heels. The dress was very short, and it showed Lira’s beautiful, smooth legs.

As she wore her earrings, she heard a bell outside and it was her friend, Thabang. Lerato looked through the window and she immediately recognised Thabang’s car; a black Golf with dim windows. He was waiting for Lerato at the gate.

Lerato picked her bag and left the room.

“Have a safe trip,” said Lerato’s mother as both parents knew where she was going. “And come home early,” she added as Lerato hugged her.

“You looking hot,” said Thabang and Lerato smiled.

“The party has already begun,” Lerato said when she saw a crowd of people.

They had arrived. As they both walked out of the car, the attention was on Lerato. Lerato was very shy; she didn’t like it when people looked at her, so to avoid the people’s eyes she kept looking down. When she looked up she saw a handsome guy staring at her. The guy wouldn’t stop looking at Lerato. Lerato was going crazy now.

She had been telling her friend, Lebo that she wanted a guy with charming eyes and a real hunk. Lerato’s dream seemed to be becoming a reality because the guy that she’s been dreaming about was right there standing with his friends.

But the guy had stopped looking at Lerato, he was busy talking with his friends.

”Maybe he is not interested in me,” sighed Lerato as she found Lebo to wish her a happy twenty-first.

The party was about to end. Everyone was happy and dancing, most people were really drunk. On the other hand Lerato and that hunk were getting to know each other. His name was Khulekani. They were enjoying talking to each other.

Khulekani told Lerato about his background, and how he managed to live without his mother. That night Khulekani and Lerato were very close to each other. A stranger would say they are in love when looking at them.

Lerato was woken by Khulekani’s phone call, the next day.

“Hello,” she answered.

“How did you sleep my angel?” asked Khulekani.

“Who am I talking to?” she asked.

“How many guys did you give your number to last night?” asked Khulekani. sighed Lerato

“Are you for real,” Lerato said with a sigh, “who are you?”

“Khulekani,” he responded.

Lerato got out of her bed and went to open the curtains. She stood there looking out of the window.

“So how did you sleep?” Lerato asked.

“I didn’t sleep well, you know? I was thinking of you all night long,”

“Stop lying to me,” Lerato said rolling her eyes. She was blushing and her heart was beating fast.

“Are you okay?” asked Khulekani,

“Um, I have to go now. Bye!”

Later that day when Lerato and her mother were sited under the tree in the afternoon, her mother asked, “Are you in love?”

“Waht?” laughed Lerato.

“I know you. And I was once young, I can tell you are in love,” said her mother.

“No, Mama! I am not!” argued Lerato.

“So why are you blushing? Who is the lucky guy?”

“I can’t tell you. I mean we can’t discuss such things,” said Lerato.

Lerato’s mother was very open; she talked with Lerato about anything. But Lerato felt uncomfortable, so she changed the subject.

“So, Mama, don’t you think it’s time I have a sibling?”

“Why are you asking?” asked Lerato’s mother.

“Mama I get bored sometimes, everyone has brothers and sisters except for me. Do you have a child that I don’t know about?”

“What’s up with the ‘Three Talk’? You are my only child, that’s it! Consider yourself lucky,”

“What do you mean Mama?” asked Lerato.

“I don’t have any child, you are the only child I have okay!” she shouted.

“I don’t get why you are upset,” said Lerato.

“You are still young you won’t understand,” said Lerato’s mother, as she walked straight to the house.

A month later Lerato and Khulekani were dating. Khulekani couldn’t stop telling his father about Lerato, and his father really wanted to meet this Lerato. So Khulukani with Lerato arranged that the two families meet.

The night before the meeting Lerato was in Khulekani’s room, they both sat on the bed looking in each other’s eyes.

“I am lucky to have a beautiful girl like you,” said Khulekani. Do you love me?”

“Are you crazy? I love you and I can’t picture my life without you,” she paused. “Do you love me?” asked Lerato.

“I love you baby. And I am glad our parents are finally meeting tomorrow. What we have will be official,” said Khulekani.

“I don’t know how my father agreed to meet your father,” said Lerato.

“Shh, let’s stop talking about our parents. Let’s talk about us,” said Khulekani.

“What about us?” asked Lerato. Khulekani kissed Lerato on the neck. Lerato felt like her whole body was melting; her heart was beating fast. She knew she wanted to go all the way but wanted their parents to meet first before they do it.

“Stop!” said Lerato, pushing Khulekani away.

“Why, you don’t want to do it?” asked Khulekani.

“No, I want our parents to meet first,”

“Oh, I see,” laughed Khulekani, “so what can we do to keep ourselves busy?”

“I want to go home,” said Lerato.

“Why?” asked Khulekani.

“I don’t want us to do anything stupid.”

Khulekani grabbed his jersey and gave it to Lerato.

“Thanks,” smiled Lerato.

“Keep it it’s all yours now,” said Khulekani.

“And what are you going to wear,”

“I want you to remember me with that jersey,” he said and they both laughed. Khululekani walked Lerato home and went back home.

Khulekani’s father was happy he couldn’t wait to meet Lerato and her parents.

“Daddy I am going to marry that girl,” said had Khulekani.

“Tell me you are joking,” was his father’s response.

“I am not,” smiled Khulekani.

The next day he couldn’t concentrate; he was too excited. It was finally time that their parents met and he and Lerato would be official.

“My son let us go, I am sure the Mdise’s family are waiting for us,” Khululekani’s dad said when he came back from work.

Lebo and Thabang were already at Lerato’s house. They were all seated in the lounge waiting for the Buthelezi family to arrive. They were all chatting and laughing. Lerato’s father was a serious man but that night he was so happy; making funny jokes and everyone was laughing.

They did not hear and see that the car was already in the yard. They just heard a knock and they all kept quiet. Lebo opened the door.

Everyone’s eyes were on the door, waiting to see the perfect family.

“What the hell are you doing here?” asked Lerato’s mother when she saw Khululekani’s dad.

“Mama, do you have a problem?” asked Lerato looking worriedly at her mother.

“Oh God what is happening?” asked Khulekani’s father.

“Lerato, why are you doing this to me?”

“What have I done Mama?” asked Lerato concerned.

Both Khulekani and Lerato were waiting for explanations as they did not know what was going on.

“This is not the way to welcome our visitors,” said Lerato’s father.

“Can we sit down please,” said Khulekani.

Lerato’s mother took a very deep breath. Everyone was confused, wondering what was going on.

“Stop wasting our time, if there is something to tell, just tell us!” shouted Lerato’s father.

Khulekani’s father was angry, at the same time confused. Lerato’s mother was shocked. She wanted a hole to hide in but it was already too late. Everyone was looking at her, wanting answers. Except for Khulekani’s father; he was looking down, not wanting to face Khulekani or even Lerato.

“I will explain everything,” Lerato’s mother said finally. “Khulekani, your father and I were dating years ago an… d. And…”

“And what, Ma?” shouted Lerato.

“I gave birth to your brother,” she said looking at Lerato.

“I don’t have a brother. That is what you said right?” responded Lerato.

“Listen, Khulekani is your brother and I am very sorry. I did not want to raise Khulekani, so I ran away. I was not ready to be a mother,”

Lerato felt so weak; she could no longer feel her knees. Her world was shattered. Lerato really loved Khulekani. She hugged him tightly, crying “Please don’t leave me, don’t leave,”

“Dad, all this time I was dating my sister? My blood sister? I blame you for this,”

“Khulekani my son, don’t blame your father. The person to be blamed is me,” said Lerato’s mother,”

“Why did you leave me and ran away?” asked Khulekani.

“I was young and selfish, please forgive me!” said Lerato’s mother.

Lerato’s father went straight to his room. He was so upset he did not want to intervene. Lebo and Thabang excused themselves, they did not tell that they were leaving they just disappeared.

“If Lerato and I had never met, would I know that she is my mother?” Khululekani asked in tears.

“It’s all my fault. I should have not ran away,”

Lerato just sat on the couch and she kept quiet. She needed to be alone but had no choice but to face this difficult situation. She thought that the day was going to be a happy day, a day to remember.

“Ok, now we all know the truth, that Khulekani is my brother, so I think it’s time we move on with our lives. I am going to sleep,” Lerato said. She thought that maybe when she wakes up, it will all be just a dream.

“So what is going to happen next, Ma?” asked Khulekani.

“I can’t say anything for now because I have to explain everything to my husband,”

“So Lerato is my little sister, Daddy?”

“Yes she is. And you have to be strong my boy, you will find your perfect match,” said Khulekani’s father.

“It’s all going to be okay my son,” said Lerato’s mother. Khulekani’s eyes were filled with tears. He really loved Lerato and wanted to marry her but that was no longer going to happen now that they were siblings.

“I need some fresh air,” said Khulekani as he walked out, leaving his parents in the living room.

“So you left me to raise Khulekani alone, why?” asked Khulekani’s father.

“You knew my situation when I fell pregnant. There was no way I could have raised him, I was not working, you were not working…”

“But I did raise my son,”

“I am very sorry and it pains me to see Khulekani and Lerato suffering. They don’t deserve this,” said Lerato’s mother.

Khulekani was standing outside. His mind was blank; he was not thinking of Lerato or anything. He just stood there. Lerato came running to Khulekani and hugged him tightly. She was crying and Khulekani was very sad. His eyes filled with tears but he tried to hold the tears. When Lerato’s mother and Khulekani’s father came out of the house, they witnessed Khulekani and Lerato hugging and crying.

They both watched them; they were speechless. They knew it would take time for both Khulekani and Lerato to accept that they were siblings. Khulekani and Lerato’s special love had to end just like that, in a blink of an eye!


Tell us what you think: What would you do if you were either Khululekani or Lerato?