The real origin of the poison was unknown although there was a man dying in front of her. The doctor could not ignore the potential danger of treating the patient without any knowledge about the type of venom injected into their blood stream.

“Sir, can you please keep your eyes open while we wait for the antivenom,”the doctor said.

Karabo could barely see the doctor when she was speaking to him. He had a blurry vision and his entire body was covered in sweat. He had two puncture wounds on his left arm caused by the fangs of the snake. Karabo was in severe pain showing symptoms of a racing heart and was feeling feint. The antivenom was finally found and the doctor began conducting treatment on Karabo’s injured arm caused by the snake bite.

“Sir, please lay still while I inject the antivenom,” the doctor said holding a syringe filled with antivenom with her right hand.

Karabo’s limbs were tingling as he began to vomit on the pillow. His entire body was beginning to go numb.

“Everything is going to be okay sir, hang in there ok,” the doctor said.

Karabo’s parents finally arrived at the hospital to check on their son. One of the paramedics took Karabo’s cellphone out of his bag and contacted them to alert them about Karabo’s situation. This was back at the animal game park Karabo was visiting in pursuit of his studies in photography. He was in the bush taking wildlife pictures for his school project. That’s when he was bitten by an unknown venomous snake.

“Where is he? Can somebody please take us to our son!” shouted Karabo’s mother back at the reception area of the hospital.

“Ma’am please calm down,” replied the reception assistant.

“Lady, don’t tell me to calm down, my son was bitten by a snake,” Karabo’s mother lashed out at the reception assistant.

Karabo’s father tried to calm his wife down, “Honey, please calm down, let the lady do her job.”

Karabo’s mother was only concerned about her son and her body language was careless to what her husband had to say. “Don’t tell me to relax Bongani, our son is hurt and I want answers,” she said.

The doctor responsible for treating Karabo finally arrived at the reception area and intervened to calm the situation down. .

“Are you Karabo’s parents?” the doctor asked.

Karabo’s mother began to show a more relaxed mood, “oh my God, is our child alright doctor?”

The doctor flipped a few document files and read the diagnosis of the treatment to Karabo’s parents. “Yes, ma’am he will be alright.”

“Can we see him doctor?” Karabo’s father asked.

The doctor was in a very calm mood as he tried to explain Karabo’s medical state.

“He is heavily sedated at the moment, we still need to do more tests to ensure against further potential complications the snake bite may have caused,” the doctor continued.

While the doctor was speaking to Karabo’s parents one of the nurses came running towards the reception area where they were standing. “Doctor Sibeko! Doctor Sibeko!”

“What is wrong Nurse?” the doctor asked.

The nurse was terrified and looked very afraid when she spoke to the doctor.

“Say something, nurse!” the doctor continued.

“There is a green snake in the patient’s ward,” the nurse replied.

The doctor quickly rushed into Karabo’s ward alongside Karabo’s parents. They finally arrived into Karabo’s ward.

“Oh my goodness!” shouted Karabo’s mother.

The green Snake was inside Karabo’s mouth trying to go inside his body. It turned out that the snake slipped into Karabo’s backpack while he was at the animal game park after it bit him.


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