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Hello Dubphathie. Unfortunately we don't have anyone to edit in Zimbabwean Ndebele. Sorry about that.
Mignon · a week ago
I want to submit my work bt its a Zimbabwean Ndebele will u eddit it?
Dubphathie · a week ago
When you talk of publishing, do you even make it into a real book of it will jx be soft copy?
Juliette Danielle Namukonda · a month ago
Hi there, you can email your work to writing@fundza.co.za or via cognito form follow: https://www.cognitoforms.com/FunDza1/FanzSubmissionForm Please note it will take 2 to 3 weeks to publish your work as we have a lot of submissions, also your work needs to be less than a 10 000 words.
FunDza Team · 2 months ago
Hi my name is Ayanda i will like to know that if I write my story here how much time will it take to publish it
Crush · 2 months ago