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Hello Sphelele. We do publish in isiZulu. We have a lot of content in isiZulu. We just don't have an in-house editor who can edit Fanz work in isiZulu so we have to send it outside of the organisation, which is why it takes longer. We are a small nonprofit organisation and would love to hire large amounts of people... but it is not possible given funding constraints so we do as best we can. Please do send in your work and we will publish it as soon as we can. All the best, Mignon Hardie, Executive Director of FunDza Literacy Trust.
Mignon · a week ago
I don't get reasonable answer here why Fundza does not publish in iSizulu??...I thought S.A rainbow nation county authorise any language why is it difficult or Take longer to get feedback..I think lots of Youth who well known when it come to iSizulu should be hired on this Fundza thing...This will decrease our efforts because I might be a writer ..a good writer when it come to isizulu like me..I can't do poem with English isn't that because not ma language or something but I feel it when I wrote it in Sizulu..Fundza you better do something about this racesim or languagesim ..Thank You
Sphelele Mzobe · a week ago
Hi there, as a South African organisation we only have the capacity to offer writing in South African languages, as we do need to edit everything on the site.
Team FunDza · 3 months ago
Why other language like kinyarwanda is n't allowed ?
NIYOBYIRINGIRO Samuel · 3 months ago
Thanks for your help
Nomvula Mjadu · 4 months ago