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Hello my name is TUNDE am a 20 Yr old Boy. I like this FunDza but are want to larn more about FunDz and know.
Tunde T Chapman · 7 months ago
Ok right
Tunde T Chapman · 7 months ago
We are glad you find value in us. You make us who we are as FunDza. And helping us in reaching our goal to improve literacy in South Africa.
FunDza Team · 10 months ago
Hi I'm Snomie and am a 19 yr old girl. I had just found out about funDza and I really like the fact that its doin a great deal for us aspiring writers. I appreciate the effort they are doing pretty much.
Snomie · 10 months ago
The was this boy who was called by the name of Kind mhlanga he was so poor and his friend made fun of him but since me and my parents came to Mpumalanga he was so happy to meet us and because we gave him food and that's how we came best friends
Paballo · 10 months ago