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Hi Sifiso, you are able to use your work after publication, but as we have spent time editing it we keep it up on our site too.
Team FunDza · 4 months ago
Hi. Since I would not be getting paid for my work can I reuse it maybe publish it once you have edited it for me on websites that are prepared to pay me?
Molaba Sifiso · 4 months ago
How do I see my published work on my profile?
Red_Ndulukane · 6 months ago
I am a poet and most of my poems is based on fire fighting in general as I am a fire fighter from Working on fire 🔥🔥. Am still buzy writing a book of poems.
J.Malebye · 7 months ago
Good day I'm interested in writing poems because I grew up writing my own poems and performing in every poet competitions at my former school😊
Phontsa54 · 7 months ago