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U shud help those who dont write well to sharpen their blades, or they will have low self esteem
Mphatso Mwale · in 55 minutes
I did everything in order to get published,one thing left now,where must I put my books then?
Siphesihle Wana · 3 days ago
Why their work cannot be sent here on this app?
Intelligent Mqunyana · 3 days ago
This sucks, what 'bout those poor/local poets with no email address but the have good poems
Intelligent Mqunyana · 3 days ago
Hello everyone I am new into the writing industry but I'm trying my out most best to write what I can write . My first book was published in wattpad its called " IN PAIN WE STRIVE " im writing my 3rd chapter and I am slowely but surely taking my time cause I mean mistakes do happen when u do things fast without double checking . I do get comments and votes but I think its not what I have expected I need people to tell me that I have to fix here and there etc but noneotherthen that I appreciate their love and I'm striving to make my readers happy by writing relevant words also by writing what my readers will enjoy reading and readers who can feel the emotions I felt when writing my book . I'm hoping and wishing that in time my first book will be out and people enjoy reading it from the depth of the bottom of their hearts . Thank you .
Azania Makwakwa · 4 days ago