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Hi there MKO, we will correct language errors but otherwise it will remain the same.
Team FunDza · 11 hours ago
I have a fantastic poem to publish. BUT if I send it will it be published just the way I sent it
M.K.O · 12 hours ago
How can I rite a poem
Elamilikhona · 21 hours ago
True life story. In 2020 here was a very young girl living with her dad nd step mother, her real mother was on drugs but her mother use to come visit her only sometimes, this girl was only 15 nd she felt like she never has attention tht she wanted but she never told anyone she kept it to herself. She use to cry nd when someone comes near her she makes like she's happy, she is a loud girl but soft hearted, she would do anything to make her family happy,. The young girl would sell her clothes nd shoes just to give her real mother money for her wrong doings,. Nobody in the family would ask the young girl how's she's feeling she feel left out she feels like she's not pretty cause she is fat nd they young girl thought she's not pretty like her step sisters nd brothers. She felt lonely nd she kept everything to herself cause she was scared to tell her step mom or her dad, the young girl thought if she's ganna tell her dad he will say nothing but the young girl loved all of thm so much but they couldn't see how she felt inside nd the young girl felt hurt just hurt inside but outside she makes like she's happy but she isn't. This young girl needs love nd one day she's get wht she wants nd tht is love. The end
Fazeelah hendricks · yesterday
Hy I will like to write shirt stories and poem is it possible that I can do it both
Thwethwe279 · yesterday