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Here is some of my recent work. LONELY It's been three years and my girlfriend still does not pick up the phone I wonder what happened? Maybe she lost it,or maybe she was smuggled or maybe she left it on a train or maybe the signal is poor. No! I am going to be crazy this girl is stressing me how can she not answer her phone this is so unlike her. (Knock on the door) Delivery !!! I am coming that is what sipho said he was stressed and lonely he began to think that his girlfriend have forgotten about him... To be continued.....this was just a piece of my recently written book but not published I am sphiwe(male)
Sphiwe Mthiyane · 6 hours ago
Greetings fundza my name is sphiwe(18) I study I am doing grade eleven (science subjects) I am a poet I write and recite my own poems and also write for others , I am also a story writer I writer stories based on true events but mostly I write about fantasy,adventure and love. I am also a motivational speaker.My stage name is achiever da poet(sph38 da poet)
Sphiwe Mthiyane · 6 hours ago
My name is Mihla (17) I'm doing dramatic Arts at school living in Kokstad kwazulu -natal I have lots of poems and stories but have never tried on publishing them they are that good some performances in events are my plays . I want to experience other ways of using my talent of writing . I really wish I can get the opportunity that's why I'm here.
This guy Mihla · 7 hours ago
hi! iwant to publish my stories but it written in Zulu.I'm I allowed?
Hlengiwe Ndlovu · 7 hours ago
I want to publish a story
KLAAS LESHOMO · 10 hours ago