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Title : The beaky bird Poet : thusoray The beaky bird Knocks my rusty gate Shakes my weary bed Blows my snoozy-dose But; I chose to roast the rose Hunt the naughty bird And cut the quick noisy beak.
Thuso Ray · a month ago
Hi there you can use any of SA's official languages.
Team FunDza · 2 months ago
may I use any language here?
Blessious · 2 months ago
Hi Terrence, yes you can certainly use slang to show how people are speaking and so make your writing feel more authentic.
Team FunDza · 4 months ago
Can slang be used in the writing of your book? I mean slang that is appropriate and shows more of how the people in that area in which the book is set, communicate with each other.
Terrence Kama · 4 months ago