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I also love writing poems but in Zulu
Unethical · 3 days ago
Can I ask how do u send ur stories,poems here can someone please help me
NthatiNkosana@gmai... · a month ago
Thank you for your suggestion! We do have some novels on the site. However we need to edit all work that goes on the site and we don't have enough editors to be able to edit many novels. However we are making plans about reworking our Fanz writing pages which would change things.. so watch this space!
info@fundza.co.za · 2 months ago
I don’t know if you have a suggestion page but may I please make a suggestion. Can the word coun be increased so writers can write more or even novels.At times I feel like some rush their stories because of the word count it makes the ending really bad. please don’t feel offended I am just asking
black power · 2 months ago
Hi there, don't worry about mistakes, we correct them and if your story is longer than 500 words we also give you feedback.
Team FunDza · 2 months ago