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Hi Emmanual Walters. You can definitely write what you love and Email it to us at "writing@fundza.co.za" Please include the title and your contact details along with the submission of your piece. Thank you from team FunDza. we look forward to hearing from you soon:)
Connor · a month ago
Hi,im Emmanuel Walters and im new here;im a guy who love words and so i started Poetry and im still busy writing,but never got a chance to do it professionally.. So could a guy possibly write what he loves??
Manny98 · a month ago
Can I write my grammar story
Lolose · 2 months ago
Please I've got a book that is more than 10,000 words and it's interesting, can I be writing it in episodes?
Sammy king · 5 months ago
It was cold and they were coming from school together .thé girl was so scared this was the first time she ever did this she had never slept with à guy be fore let alone kiss 1! I would continue if i had your support please give me your coments on thé Little piece i have written ànd give me feéd back
ncebcy · 9 months ago