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hy my name its tshepiso phalane i write motivational stories and spheechs iam a new user of fundza my teacher told me about fundza after reading my work can i send you one of my poem,stories based on motivational meanings
maruping · 3 weeks ago
Hi Emmanual Walters. You can definitely write what you love and Email it to us at "writing@fundza.co.za" Please include the title and your contact details along with the submission of your piece. Thank you from team FunDza. we look forward to hearing from you soon:)
Connor · 3 months ago
Hi,im Emmanuel Walters and im new here;im a guy who love words and so i started Poetry and im still busy writing,but never got a chance to do it professionally.. So could a guy possibly write what he loves??
Manny98 · 3 months ago
Can I write my grammar story
Lolose · 4 months ago
Please I've got a book that is more than 10,000 words and it's interesting, can I be writing it in episodes?
Sammy king · 8 months ago