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Is it possible to choose a copy of the story, play,poem for your self??
Claire Myeza (Luyanda) · 9 months ago
When you publish my work with another person's name as an author instead of my name
Sihle Innocentia Mnyakeni · a year ago
What happens when you submit my work with another authors name instead of mine
Sihle Innocentia Mnyakeni · a year ago
@Ankia Mahlangu,What are you trying to say🤔🙊
Tshidisegang Makhutle · a year ago
Lobo Jack sister Jackson jack sister Karabo lobo boyfriend Jack mom Jack dad Sipho Sizwe Thandolethu
Ankia Mahlangu · 2 years ago
How do I add my genre to my writing and pictures.
Blessing · 2 years ago
If I am using lovewriting for the first time, does it matter if I submit work and I am under 18? How do you add genres to your writing? And pictures??
Blessi_blurry · 2 years ago
And if u dont publish the story whats going to happen its been a while since i have sent u my work
Hlogi Kgomo · 2 years ago
I have summit a book named the way of eternal life and the dedication is tomorrow and you guys have not publish it nor review. I like ur app and it is the best but the dedication is tomorrow and it needs to be publish. Thank you
Sam Owolabi · 2 years ago
How do I change my comment name
Nokbonga Ngwenya · 2 years ago
What will happen to my story I submitted it when I go to reviewed it is not there when I go to published it is not there either what should I do
Mean Queen Kumbala · 2 years ago
My name is Zama ngcobo and also my story is in review when will it be published . Plz answer me🥺
Zama Ngcobo · 2 years ago
My name is Nomusa shezi and I am a beginner so I just started writing like now.
Nomusa Shezi · 2 years ago
There is only one book in review . The twins powers so please tell me when will it be published 🥺
Nomusa Shezi · 2 years ago
My story is in review fundza so when will you publish my stories. Please answer me if you see this massage. From Nomusa shezi 🥺
Nomusa Shezi · 2 years ago
Hi Nandipha. We currently do not offer an option for writers to create their own cover pages, in fear of copyright infringement.
Fundza Team · 2 years ago
How do I create a❤️❤️cover page
Nandipha Nkemele · 2 years ago
I want to start writing
Neo Chabatsane · 2 years ago
Lebohang Naphtaie Hoffman · 2 years ago
I want to start writing a poem what do I do
Sheilla Ngwenyama · 2 years ago
I want to start writing poems what must I do
Sheilla Ngwenyama · 2 years ago
Is there anyway I can write poem and how do I set up the author's name
Fisimpilo Cele · 2 years ago
How do i set up author's name,
Tshidisegang Makhutle · 2 years ago
I wrote a poem 'It's him i want 'for some time now but when i try to look at it or search it i don't see it.😓😓I'm hurt by this situation
Toroto Mkhize · 2 years ago
I want to know is it ouk to send just chapter1 first for review and I want to knw the minimum of words
Simlindile Nkohla · 2 years ago
Hi Fundza Team,How do I set up author's name on my Fundza profile? because I tried submitting but it says I must add author's name to my piece...
C.reader · 2 years ago
Do I get my work published on fundza
Thandazile · 3 years ago
hy...how do we send work? in typing or PDF like? or what?
BeeÅBlur · 3 years ago
Used to right poems and I think this is a platform for me to continue writing. Some of my work were taken by a teacher telling me he is taking my work to be checked at Vits University. It was during late 90s till today I don't know what happened and where is my original work as I only had originals that tine
Sellwiza · 3 years ago
😍😍😍 I'm more interested nowww
Nomamkhwa · 3 years ago
I love writing short stories an I am I very good writer.all I want to know is how can I make writing to be my career because I am currently in grade 12?
Mr Vilakazi · 3 years ago
@Cute girl ❤️:Let hope they do🤞🤞 crossing fingers
Lesedi Lesogo Hlatshwayo · 3 years ago
@Cute girl ❤️:Let hope they do🤞🤞 crossing fingers
Lesedi Lesih · 3 years ago
I want to write a short story about two boys who were born in a rural area and they now are big musicians and music producer (Inspired by Blaq diamand)and having their own record label 😍
Baby boo🙂 · 3 years ago
Thanks fundza
Favourite 💃 · 3 years ago
Hi Favourite - Yes you can send in your work via WhatsApp. Send a 'hi' message to 0600 54 8676 and then follow the message prompts.
Mignon · 3 years ago
Can one send their work via Moya or Whatsapp
Favourite 💃 · 3 years ago
@Lesedi Lesih:Do they even understand ur question,dude😕it sounds complicated 😕
Cute girl❤️ · 3 years ago
How do I start writing? Please help me 🙏
Sasileta · 3 years ago
Can I send my work via Moya
Blaq diamond fan · 3 years ago
How do i write....where do i start please help me 🙏🙏🙏
Yellowpop · 3 years ago
I want to write thingie like Bonang's inspiration Am I allowed to write it or u the only ones who write it
Lesedi Lesih · 3 years ago
Hi Imbatha - you can read via WhatsApp and send in your work that way too. Send a 'hi' text to 0600 54 8676 to connect with on WhatsApp.
Mignon · 3 years ago
Can I get your work via WhatsApp?
IMbatha · 3 years ago
Hello... does your work come in printed copies?
Kay_Khutso · 3 years ago
How can I get it🤔🤔🤔🙄
Winfrey · 3 years ago
Hello @Driven. If you write pieces that are longer than 500 words then you do get some feedback on your work.
Mignon · 3 years ago
Will I get any feedback on my work
Driven · 3 years ago
Hi Shaney, you can send your work to us via email at writing@fundza.co.za or via WhatsApp just text "Hello" to 0600548676 and follow the menu prompts.
Team FunDza · 3 years ago
Where do I have to sent my work to
Shaney · 3 years ago
Hi my na me is Enjel and i love reading books ❣️
Enjel · 3 years ago
So if I keep on writing my work for free does this mean I might get exposure, because it's every writer's dream to be a famous author one day.
PumyGama · 3 years ago
Hi Natasha, we love people who love to write! You can send us your stories to publish via email at writing@fundza.co.za or via WhatsApp just text "Hello" to 0600548676 and follow the menu prompts.
FunDza Team · 3 years ago
Hi i am Natasha and i love writing books because i always wanted to be a writer
Marko · 3 years ago
Hey guys I want to write a book and I can't plz help me guys
Ndimentle · 3 years ago
Can I publish my work if I am 12 yrs old?
Tsheppy5 · 3 years ago
Do we publish our work if we are under age
Monkey · 3 years ago
Hello Jesse Olehile - Please write in full sentences/paragraphs with punctuation. And, no, we cannot edit work that exceeds 10,000 words. Thanks!
Mignon · 3 years ago
Since you do not publish work that is written in SMS text! How should we write?
Jesse Olehile · 3 years ago
Where do write my stories
Lurhando · 3 years ago
Can i publish my venda book
mutendeni · 4 years ago
So let's say I am 15yrs old and I want to publish my story,poem,or etc can I do it without have a author profile
Immaneul · 4 years ago
You can submit your writing via email or WhatsApp. Email is writing@fundza.co.za WhatsApp 0600548676 WhatsApp "Hello," and follow the menu prompts
FunDza Team · 4 years ago
How can I submit my writings
Eric enzo · 4 years ago
Am I allowed to write about my late friend?
Chwayita · 4 years ago
How can you submit your story Hi peeps
Ndu Browns Mdletshe · 4 years ago
No you don't but you do need some data to be able to submit it.
Team FunDza · 4 years ago
Do I need data to have my poem published?
Truestar · 4 years ago
Hi I submitted my work on the 1st of June. I still have not received any communication, is this normal. Cinthia
clo…@gmail.com · 4 years ago
Oh I want to send my poems and it's been long writing them so can I do so!!
Preiiciious · 4 years ago
Am i allowed to do peom with my language
La shortie · 4 years ago
Could a person aged 13, send a story, he/she has written
Matata222 · 4 years ago
Hi @Padi - yes, we always acknowledge the author of any piece published on fundza.mobi
Mignon · 4 years ago
Would my name appear as an author after writing ?
Padi · 4 years ago
My pet cat Snowy.One day my dad brought a white kitten in a box the kitten was looking at me.So I decided to call her Snowy first we thought it was a boy kitten then when we saw she did her business we saw she was a girl.She always went with me to the tuck shop like a baby .
Wifi · 4 years ago
Hi I am new here.Please can I be your friend ? My name is Tersia Ockhuis and I am 18 years old looking for some new friends.Please add me on WhatsApp:0787279251
Wifi · 4 years ago
Hi Peter, yes you can send your collection.
FunDza Team · 4 years ago
Hey how are you.I have collection of short stories I have to write but am from Zambia am I allowed?
Peter jay · 4 years ago
Hi Steve, you can submit in any South African language.
Team FunDza · 4 years ago
Am I allowed to use my own language
Steve · 4 years ago
would like to write a book that I've written on hand but it hasn't been published or seen by other unknown people. Is that allowed and is there an age restriction of doing this. If there is i wanna know why because my age might not be acceptable but I hope so. I ask this cause there's people no matter any age they could have a passion of writing . Response??
Ble…@official_Hotty · 4 years ago
Title : The beaky bird Poet : thusoray The beaky bird Knocks my rusty gate Shakes my weary bed Blows my snoozy-dose But; I chose to roast the rose Hunt the naughty bird And cut the quick noisy beak.
Thuso Ray · 4 years ago
Hi there you can use any of SA's official languages.
Team FunDza · 4 years ago
may I use any language here?
Blessious · 4 years ago
Hi Terrence, yes you can certainly use slang to show how people are speaking and so make your writing feel more authentic.
Team FunDza · 4 years ago
Can slang be used in the writing of your book? I mean slang that is appropriate and shows more of how the people in that area in which the book is set, communicate with each other.
Terrence Kama · 4 years ago
Dear Lerato: You automatically hold the copyright to your work. So it is copyrighted.
Mignon · 5 years ago
Good day. I have a question. What happens if my work gets published on funDza and gets stolen by someone else? It is possible to copyright my work before publishing it?
Lerato Mpolaisi · 5 years ago
You can't download it, but you can have the link and share it with your friends and family.
FunDza Team · 5 years ago
After you have published my book can I download it?
Sharon12 · 5 years ago
I also love writing poems but in Zulu
Unethical · 5 years ago
Can I ask how do u send ur stories,poems here can someone please help me
Nth…@gmai... · 5 years ago
Thank you for your suggestion! We do have some novels on the site. However we need to edit all work that goes on the site and we don't have enough editors to be able to edit many novels. However we are making plans about reworking our Fanz writing pages which would change things.. so watch this space!
i…@fundza.co.za · 5 years ago
I don’t know if you have a suggestion page but may I please make a suggestion. Can the word coun be increased so writers can write more or even novels.At times I feel like some rush their stories because of the word count it makes the ending really bad. please don’t feel offended I am just asking
black power · 5 years ago
Hi there, don't worry about mistakes, we correct them and if your story is longer than 500 words we also give you feedback.
Team FunDza · 5 years ago
What will happen if my story is good but has a few mistakes in it will it still be uploaded and will people read it
Pandabeertjie · 5 years ago
OK we be sending in spiritual inspiration messages.
Cytric nickson · 5 years ago
Hi, Cytric. It take 2 to 3 weeks.
FunDza Team · 5 years ago
Hi iam cytric nickson I write spiritual inspirational message are they recommended on fudza?
Cytric nickson · 5 years ago
How long do you take to publish?
Cytric nickson · 5 years ago
hy my name its tshepiso phalane i write motivational stories and spheechs iam a new user of fundza my teacher told me about fundza after reading my work can i send you one of my poem,stories based on motivational meanings
maruping · 5 years ago
Hi Emmanual Walters. You can definitely write what you love and Email it to us at "writing@fundza.co.za" Please include the title and your contact details along with the submission of your piece. Thank you from team FunDza. we look forward to hearing from you soon:)
Connor · 5 years ago
Hi,im Emmanuel Walters and im new here;im a guy who love words and so i started Poetry and im still busy writing,but never got a chance to do it professionally.. So could a guy possibly write what he loves??
Manny98 · 5 years ago
Can I write my grammar story
Lolose · 5 years ago
Please I've got a book that is more than 10,000 words and it's interesting, can I be writing it in episodes?
Sammy king · 6 years ago
It was cold and they were coming from school together .thé girl was so scared this was the first time she ever did this she had never slept with à guy be fore let alone kiss 1! I would continue if i had your support please give me your coments on thé Little piece i have written ànd give me feéd back
ncebcy · 6 years ago
Will I be made aware of my spelling, grammar mistakes ?
Ntshidiseng Motlhabane · 6 years ago
Will I ever get to see her?? The one person that always believed in me. The sun may rise and shine but I asked myself what about her?? Will she be able to see the Sun?? and will she be able to be like the Sun?? I watched her struggle to breathe. There was nothing I could do but I don't want her to leave. She is the love of my life. Please don't take her away from me!
Baby-babe · 6 years ago
Hi there, have a look at our tips for writers here: https://live.fundza.mobi/home/library/advice/resources-tips-for-writers/
Team FunDza · 6 years ago
How do I write my own story
Nok…@gmai... · 6 years ago
charmaine booi · 6 years ago
Dօ ɨ աʀɨtɛ ʍʏ քօɛʍ/ɛssaʏ/stօʀʏ online
Cech · 6 years ago
You can post hand-written work to: FunDza Fanz Writing, 85 Main Road, Muizenberg, 7945. Given that someone would need to type it up, it will take some time to get edited and uploaded.
Mignon · 6 years ago
Hy love life. .can I send my writing written in handwriting or must it be printed?
Brice Buqa · 6 years ago
the school system is wrong for we are taught subjects we no longer need for a world that doesn't exist
George M · 6 years ago
What is the difference in the collours of published writings?
ajibadebasit40 · 6 years ago
Happiness is for younger childrens and adults. But be new begining to 2018?
Phineas Maake · 6 years ago
I am still alive in 2018 the year of new begining. But i am new begining to 2018?
Phineas Maake · 6 years ago
I'm just new begining to 2018.
Phineas Maake · 6 years ago
Every child i could be good boy. But people why are annoyed me, because i love my future i needs. That why i am sweet little boy and smart boy.
Phineas Maake · 6 years ago
Every day i keep gyming from home at 07:00 am. And then my body is fresh to gym. #mockhambamustfall remember water to drink.
Phineas Maake · 6 years ago
I wish i am genius boy around boys. But still i am genius for artsts and drawing and math?
Phineas Maake · 6 years ago
I am just new and I like what I see
nomvuzo nkethe · 6 years ago
Hi Lungile, most are published only online, and a few are selected for FunDza anthologies.
Team FunDza · 7 years ago
Hi,are the stories being published online only or even in Fundza books?
lungile modipa · 7 years ago
Thanks, I will send it
mhl…@gmai... · 7 years ago
Hi Mhlomi Zikhona. Yes, you can. Fax number: 086 619 7713. Thanks.
Mignon · 7 years ago
Can I fax my Poem with copies of my HAND WRITE??
mhl…@gmai... · 7 years ago