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I've sent my work but not even a notice I got how
Alter · 8 hours ago
Hey @monoge: please send an email to writing@fundza.co.za with your query. We can't find your work using a search of your name or email so perhaps we haven't actually received it... Please contact us by email so we can follow up properly. Thanks so much!
Mignon · 3 weeks ago
I sent you my work via email but haven't got back to me😢😢😢
monoge · 3 weeks ago
Hi Thato. We have to apologise for this, you're right it was a technical glitch from our side and we take full responsibility for it. Your story will be forwarded to our editors so the editing process can begin ASAP. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we'll keep in touch via email. Kind regards The FunDza Team
Ndibulele Sotondoshe · 2 months ago
Hi fundza. I sent you my work via email but you said the story was too long. How come because the story that i sent you has 4,621 words and according to your criteria the word limit is 10,000? Name of the piece: In need of a Donor
monoge · 2 months ago