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Hi Lindokuhle, sorry you feel this way! You are right, at the moment we do have a backlog and are trying to get work out but are behind schedule. Our aim is not to edit Fanz work - like Wattpad, we publish basically as is, though unlike Wattpad we do sometimes send work back with helpful editing comments. Hope you don't give up on us..!
Team Fundza · 2 weeks ago
"We aim to go through all writing that has been submitted for review within a 14 day period" this is definitely a lie. It takes more than three weeks, sometimes four, for you guys to publish a story. This is bad because enthusiasm is killed among the writers. Some of us are losing interest in publishing here. The editing skills of the reviewers is also poor. A lot of stories are published with their mistakes and errors. Fundza sucks. I'd rather go to wattpad.
Lindokuhle Matlala · 2 weeks ago
Hello, I submitted my work a week ago and then later resubmitted it, will it have to go through the 14 days of review yet again?
Bongiwe Nkuna · 2 weeks ago
@ Tiana Mthembu l submitted my story a long time ago it's been a month now and my story has not yet been reviewed so to console you ,our time will come
Gønē girll · 4 weeks ago
It has been weeks and weeks ever since I sent my story and it has been in review since forever. I'm losing interest in writing here on Fundza
Tiana Mthembu · a month ago