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I've been waiting but i don't see my work being published why i wanna know?
Tamy-Dee · 2 weeks ago
Hi Tamy-Dee - sorry to hear you've been waiting so long. We will look into the matter and get back to you by email.
Mignon · 3 weeks ago
Hi fundza i've send uu my work and it's three months now idon't know whats going on and why u didn't give me any feedback? I wanna know I've wrote 3 poems and dololo
Tamy-Dee · 3 weeks ago
I had just finished reading the scars in my heart.. phenomenal job guys
Dabahdguy · 3 months ago
Hi fundza I sent my story on the day after Christmas on 26th December 2019 last year but till now I've not received any messages conf you received it. It's titled "SANTA-CLAUS" .
Sponateous girl · 3 months ago