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Hi there Yon. What is the name of the piece you sent us and from which email address? Please email us the details: your name, email address you submitted from and the name(s) of the piece(s) you sent. Email this information to writing@fundza.co.za and we will look into it. Thank you.
FunDza Team · 3 weeks ago
So disappointed,it's been weeks now but still you haven't got back to me
Yon · 3 weeks ago
Hey there am having a short writing about myself, am not rili sure whether I can call it an essay or poem . all I know is that it's short but interesting to me and I would like to send it so that it can be edited and published. Is that possible ??
NONKOBE B · 4 weeks ago
How do I send my work
Thulisamke · a month ago
Fanza please am waiting for your response
Mbachi · 4 months ago