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Fundza it has been 9 months and my story still hasn't been published,Why is this? Can u get back to me as soon as you can
Tsheppy69 · a week ago
I sent my book in over a month ago and it's still not published
Olwethu(Loli) · 2 weeks ago
My poem is not published yet n I sent it over a month ago
Zaithwa Mopiha · a month ago
Hi Caro Mpho, sorry to hear that. We will check our records. Can you also email writing@fundza.co.za with your query? Thank you.
Team FunDza · 2 months ago
It's been a month since I send my story,I didint get a reply back,nor did I get an email telling me if they received my work and would get back to me🤷koore kentse heela,idk Wassup... If the story doesn't meet the requirements,I mean you could've sent an email to tell me! But it's okay!!
CARO MPHO · 2 months ago