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How do I move clean chapters when I'ved sent them clean
Minenhle Ntshadu · 6 days ago
How can I post my findings,experiences and work.
Gift Alfred · 10 months ago
How do we chat to other writers
Aphelele Kubheka · 12 months ago
How to get to a competition
Grecia Makua · 12 months ago
Hi Fundza I want to start my own blog, do I still have to use the Lovewriting platform?
Kwanele Socikwa · a year ago
Hi Fundza is been 3 weeks I submitted my poem and story .. please publish it .. please ...
Ncani Nhlapo · a year ago
Hi Hope. Please send your author name and email address, via email at info@fundza.co.za before updating your profile so we can look into this.
Fundza Team · a year ago
Hi Fundza team.I sent you my work and then updated my profile after, I changed my email address and password now I can't find my work. Is it lost forever?
Hope Eland · a year ago
Hi Nombulelo. We publish in all 11 official languages in South Africa. You can write in any language.
Fundza Team · a year ago
I want to write but not in English . Will it be published
Nombulelo Shabalala · a year ago
Where do you write
Nombulelo Shabalala · a year ago
I wrote a Play and a poem about cats and roses 🌹 so l have not seen any of my Play and poem
Siphesihle Karabo Leonard · a year ago
I sent 7 poems & only two where published, the two was quickly published but there others five only reviewed that's it's how come πŸ€”
Mthobisi Nxumalo · a year ago
Hello, I submitted my work a week ago and then, later resubmitted it again, will it have to go through the 14 days of review yet again?
Bongiwe Nkuna · a year ago
I have already written my stories in the book so I need to publish them
Phumzile Masilela · a year ago
And where do you write
Noluthando Mntintso · 2 years ago
Okay πŸ‘
Noluthando Mntintso · 2 years ago
How do I add a picture as the cover of my story
Faith Matela · 2 years ago
I also wanted to ask when Will the winners of making with the majolas competition be announced
Noluthando Foto · 2 years ago
When will be the announcement of Making with Majola competition winners be announced and where are they going to be announced?
Molefi Hloai · 2 years ago
I am a writer.Will you please help me to write here.I don't know where to write.
Asisipho Madikizela · 2 years ago
How do i Add my own Art Cover for my writing
Leonard Nyere · 2 years ago
Hope to be here for a long tym
Blessing Musukumidzwa · 2 years ago
Will my work be read by FunDza fans only?
Relebohile Mokoena · 2 years ago
Matlhatsi Ntabane · 2 years ago
Lebo Mapena · 2 years ago
Lebo Putuka · 2 years ago
I would like to publish a poetry book with Fundza books Just to get exposure for my creative abilities Best Regards James Majola
Mxolisi James Majola · 2 years ago
Can I write a story.??
Kamogelo Maimane · 2 years ago
Hope Mchunu · 2 years ago
Hope Mchunu · 2 years ago
Hi there, our professional stories are written by commissioned writers. Fundza runs a yearly Fellowship programme to develop aspiring writers, so you need to look out for that application in January next year (this year's programme has already started).
Team FunDza · 2 years ago
Can I write a story?
Tshegofatso Msibi · 2 years ago
Hi Fundza. Does a person need to have qualifications I order to a writer at Fundza NB. not a fanz writer. Does Fundza offer learnerships?
Nolonwabo Boya · 2 years ago
Do you publish qoutes?
Elihlerh Mdluli · 2 years ago
I like to ready story
VIMBEPHI Ndwandwe · 2 years ago
Sibongile Dladla · 2 years ago
Can I continue writing after I publish my story and where do I find my book that's am writing
Nolwazi Ntshingila · 2 years ago
Do you publish qoutes?
Asanda Majola · 2 years ago
Hi I've sent my story and it was in review but now I can't find it please help what is the cause of that
Nqobile Mthalane · 2 years ago
Hi OMAR, we don’t pay you for your writing. We are a free platform to help you develop your work and get feedback. You hold the copyright to your work, you can sell it yourself to make a passive income, we do not sell the work of our writers.
Team FunDza · 2 years ago
What if I want to write a book based on decoding the lotto and powerball...How the system manipulate the outcome of each draw and how the balls are drawn according to patterns and codes ...I think it would mess up every lottoand powerball system lol
OMAR JACOBS · 2 years ago
If u do publish anyone's book for free online...would that book sell online / or make any money in anyway?
OMAR JACOBS · 2 years ago
It's so wonderful πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
Nontokozo Mahlangu · 2 years ago
precious Kunene · 2 years ago
I love writing stories a lot
moshibudi shai · 2 years ago
Mary McQueen · 3 years ago
Hi there, you can find the details here.
Team FunDza · 3 years ago
Hy where do I post
Ziningi prudence · 3 years ago
Tsilo · 3 years ago
Fibo · 3 years ago
Hi how do I post
Shingle · 3 years ago
I would like to send you my life story
Momelezinamhla · 3 years ago
Do you tell us if the writing is good and can be sold for royalties?
Mama-Kgosi · 3 years ago
How can I enter the competition of my destiny( entrepreneur)
Mabandy · 3 years ago
Am so excited this is a great platform for me to grow as a writer..I am good at writing more than talking and at the moment am unemployed so in my free time I write..I wouldn't call it stories.. because for me when I start writing I can't stop..my brain keeps coming with ideas but I guess I'll also learn to limit what I write..
Sultana · 3 years ago
Wow I will soon send my work to you guys. I would love to have it published and people reading it.
Siphosonke · 3 years ago
Hi I like to publish my story (life story)
Unasie · 3 years ago
Hi Yun King, you can send your work to us via email at writing@fundza.co.za or via WhatsApp by using this link and follow the menu prompts. Find link below https://wa.link/maw9q7 or use the number 0600548676
Team FunDza · 3 years ago
Hello , I'm an author and I would like FUNDZA to publish my books , how do I go about it?
Yun King · 3 years ago
Hi Bonolo, our site is set up to auto generate covers for Fanz Writing. Unfortunately books are not downloadable on our mobisite, but the mobisite is data free so you may access your story as many times as you want without any data charges.
Team FunDza · 3 years ago
Do you guys design my cover page ? Of the book? As an aspiring writer ;having my book published on fundZa am I able to download it after the writings and publishing ?
Bon…@01 · 3 years ago
I'm 12 years old and I would love to publish a book is it ok if I publish a book ?
Liberty girl · 3 years ago
I also love this and that will help to improve my writing, thinking and also how to play with words 🀹🀹🀹
Makzoza · 3 years ago
I'm only in grade8 but can I submit I love writing
Relap · 3 years ago
How can I publish my work,like what do I do?
Amofifi · 3 years ago
hy, is it so that I if I send my work here...that I will maybe get someone who will offer an opportunity to get my writing even out of the website, here at Fundza, if so I would really appreciate itβ™₯β™₯
BeeΓ…Blur · 3 years ago
I am ready and willing to share my stories with the world
Katley k · 3 years ago
Is it possible that I could get a publisher via fundza.
Percyv · 3 years ago
Yes, we will remove it if you ask. But please don't send in work if you know you want it removed soon as we spend time on editing/uploading etc.
Team FunDza · 3 years ago
If I send my work and ask you to remove it, will you?
Marang · 3 years ago
I think this platform will really help me, because I am a writer and I have never published any of my books. I'm so excited for using this feature on MOYA.
PP MAKGOKA · 3 years ago
This place is very good
CatherineBeadeh2003 · 3 years ago
Hello @Maaphale - As written on this page... No, you don't get paid if you send in your work for publication on fundza.mobi but nor do we charge you for editing or publishing it.
Mignon · 3 years ago
Do I get paid when you publish my work or you give me back and I I'll sell it by myself
Maaphale · 3 years ago
WhatsApp is the simplest way to submit your writing,i go by kgothatso malebana.please like my poems and tell me what you think about them. Xoxo
Kaythatso · 3 years ago
I want to ask about How poor farming method cause global warming and climate change
Alexander mungomo · 3 years ago
Can the work we (as writers) send in be known all around Africa????
Iviiwer · 3 years ago
Yes, you can still submit your work. Please do get your parent or guardian's permission to do so.
Team FunDza · 3 years ago
I am 15 years old would i be able to be published
Mtomuhle · 3 years ago
If you have your parent's consent then you can get published even though you're under the age of 18 years.
Mignon · 3 years ago
I am under 18 can I be published 😊
Ratireezy · 3 years ago
How do I published my work
ina…@gmai... · 3 years ago
What if they don't respond to my poetry's
Diamond 725 · 3 years ago
What if l want to write my poem
Zvipozvashe · 3 years ago
Hi That girl Lay Lay: Follow the instructions on this page: https://live.fundza.mobi/help/how-do-i-get-published-on-fundza/
Mignon · 3 years ago
How do I post my story/essay/poem???!!
That girl Lay Lay · 3 years ago
How do I publish my work
Ler · 3 years ago
Blix eye · 3 years ago
Hi Sinqobile L, you can send your work to us and we'll publish. We publish in all 11 official languages in South Africa.
Team FunDza · 3 years ago
Is it's possible to be A wellknown Poetry oh a Writer ?
Sinqobile L · 3 years ago
How can i published my work in to language..? English and IsiZulu..
Sinqobile L · 3 years ago
How do I send my work?
Nomthagal · 3 years ago
Will my work be read?
Loqshun🌸 · 3 years ago
Do pro writers get paid?
Matthew Ortell M.K.O · 3 years ago
How to write a poem
Mashambo yvonne · 3 years ago
Hi Micheal, you can send your work to us via at writing@fundza.co.za or via WhatsApp just text "Hello" to 0600548676 and follow the menu prompts.
FunDza Team · 3 years ago
How do I send my work
Micheal · 3 years ago
How to write a speech
Surprise mtho · 3 years ago
How to write a story πŸ™
Cinderellah · 3 years ago
Where can I write my speech?
Sikhotshi Ayabonga · 3 years ago
How can I start writing my poem
Queen status · 3 years ago
Can u please write a poem about Priscilla
Minenhley · 3 years ago
U are right friend money is no issue
Minenhley · 3 years ago
Any great books one can recommend for me
GoldenCloud · 3 years ago
Money is no issue
Monkey · 4 years ago
this is an interesting site
mgilijas · 4 years ago
I have no problem with that
Ntate · 4 years ago
Mom Mother u are my soul I can not live without u U have raised me till this age I have lots of memories of u Moments together with u and my siblings If I loose u I would not be happy with my life I would die without peace When ever I will remember u I would cry I will wish u where here I love u Mom Love ur lovely daughter Ntombifuthi Sarah Mthimunye
Queen Ntombifuthi Mthimunye · 4 years ago
Where do I write a poem
Queen Ntombifuthi Mthimunye · 4 years ago
Hi Effie, you can send your stories and poems to us to be published via email writing@fundza.co.za or via WhatsApp just text "Hello" to 0600548676 and follow the menu prompts.
FunDza Team · 4 years ago
Where can I write a story
Effie · 4 years ago
Can't I write about my life
Zeera · 4 years ago
This is so interesting
Moipone Thalita · 4 years ago
I'll like to take part ,this is interesting I'm in.
NMoloi · 4 years ago
I have a story on mind how can I share it on FunDza
Qaqamba · 4 years ago
How do I join the Fans Writing Club?
Luckdoom · 4 years ago
I would love to write an essay. Where do I start?
Sompaiza · 4 years ago
I Want To Be An Author
Olerrato · 4 years ago
I actually would love to be an author
MTHAND · 4 years ago
I would love to write my story just a very very short one of encouragement and trusting God.
Tanesh · 4 years ago
Hi ,I have already read everything so if I wanna start writing essays how should I start so that it could be published??
Mbiskha · 4 years ago
Yes, and we do edit out actual language mistakes.
Team FunDza · 4 years ago
I would wrote my own live story in my own simple way of speech is that accepted
Aleb2323 · 4 years ago
Hi there you can email it to writing@fundza.co.za.
Team FunDza · 4 years ago
I want to publish my work but I don't how I'm completely confused
Oyama luzipo · 4 years ago
Just suit up there are trying to do there work and I word like to ask about the whatsapp nomber I sent there a bomber to call plzz
nathaniel. · 4 years ago
i love you so much
VISIONAIR · 4 years ago
Hi @Nombasa: Please note that we do not charge for our services and offer a free publishing platform. You are welcome to publish your work in other spaces if you are not happy with the terms. Good luck with your writing.
Mignon · 4 years ago
Why don't we get paid this is f** and s***
Nombasa · 4 years ago
Bodwana246 · 4 years ago
Hi there, you can email that query to writing@fundza.co.za as FunDza staff are able to see this.
Team FunDza · 4 years ago
Hi I just want to know will I be able to see how many people have seen my story.
Mauricha · 4 years ago
Hi @Samantha Ndlovu: Please do send us your poem in isiNdebele. We will be able to publish it on fundza.mobi. Thanks, FunDza Team
Mignon · 4 years ago
I want to send my poem I wrote it in Isindebele
Samantha Ndlovu · 4 years ago
samukelisiwe_samnke · 4 years ago
Will this help gain you publicity?
Mamtho · 4 years ago
Nice πŸ’‹
Pamela · 4 years ago
Like really we don't get money
Katylnn · 4 years ago
We don't get paid guys
Katylnn · 4 years ago
So I won't benefits anything come on remember I took my time while writing and I used my brain my energy and my parents paid lot of money for me to go to school so that I can take care of them how I'm I going to take care of them Ido my stories are published for free
Chisaldo · 4 years ago
What benefits do I get for free writing?
R.J MISON · 4 years ago
I'm in University,I always wanted to be a writer, specially because of the inspiration my twins give meπŸ˜ŒπŸ˜œβ€οΈπŸ’“πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’πŸ’žπŸ’™πŸ’—πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’Ÿβ£οΈπŸ’ŒπŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„ πŸ¦„πŸ¦„ πŸ¦„πŸ¦„ πŸ¦„πŸ¦„ πŸ¦„πŸ¦„ πŸ¦„πŸ¦„
Loveland · 4 years ago
Hii if good publisher wants to pay you for your good work what do you do?
Melly early · 4 years ago
Hello moya user it's pleasure meet all you wonderful writers I hope I'll have a great experience in gain more knowledge of crafting poems 😘😘
Christopher334 · 4 years ago
Is it possible to create a Profile if you're a new writer on the fundza website?
Palmer01 · 4 years ago
Hi there, was your work not published on the site? We will respond via email.
Team FunDza · 4 years ago
Can i send work that i have done previously
Sisanda20 · 4 years ago
Leaving you was the hardest thing in life But it doesn't seem like I'm breathing ... I've loved you for so long... Now I've forgotten who I am Your now gone and I'm still solving a puzzle I lost years ago .... I guess I'm just obsessed with you Can you give me a single clue.... Of why I still need you in my heart...that you've broken a thousand times What's left not pieces but ashes of my soulless heart .... _by Daredevil_
Daredevil101 · 4 years ago
When someone is discouraged, Someone is lonely, Stressful and in sorrow We can try our best To make them happy With a little thing I know little is much When God is in it Just like smile Simple thing Can heal broken Relationship It shows howmuch You love someone, You care for someone The one who lost hope Can have it again When there is smile On your face.
Majors majawa · 5 years ago
Hi Puwe, as you already know FunDza does not pay for publishing, but this platform will help you receive great exposure and feedback from the people who will read and comment on your poems.
FunDza Team · 5 years ago
Hi there. You can write your poem in isiZulu and all you need is your name and contact details (cell phone number and email address.) We look forward to receiving your work.
FunDza Team · 5 years ago
I want to write my first poem but i dont have these information required and i write it in isizulu
ziipho · 5 years ago
hey FunDza team i would love to write poems also but i would love to know what do i get by writing poems?,without the payment part.
Puwe · 5 years ago
Do you happen to have an particular topics/storylines you might be your 1st preference to publish?
Llcooll · 5 years ago
Hi there. You can send your poem to writing@fundza.co.za It will take two to three weeks to publish as we have many submissions and a small editing team.
FunDza Team · 5 years ago
i want to publish my poems
shiloba · 5 years ago
Can u help a person find a publisher if he/she wanna take writing as a career?
Rilwe · 5 years ago
I want to send my poems to you
Hlobby · 5 years ago
Hi, there. It takes three to four weeks. We have a small editing team and loads of submissions. We urge you to be patient.
FunDza Team · 5 years ago
for how long does it take to publish one story
vin…@mail... · 5 years ago
Can i share one of my poems to you
nog…@gmail.com · 5 years ago
I want to write poems
Moyoza · 5 years ago
I want to write u a story people what do u say??? πŸ˜­πŸ€”πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ“πŸ‘€πŸ˜±πŸ˜•
A mahler · 5 years ago
I'm more experiential and would like to know if it is advisable to publish all my poems, short stories, playwrights, novels and even my lyrics.
Ennocent · 5 years ago
guys when you write poems are essays do people read and respond about them
zeezipho · 5 years ago
I am an artist can you publish my lyrics as well ?
Dj oil Mfana · 5 years ago
How to write/publish?
SamkeloMpungose · 5 years ago
Hey @Andile Mjwara - we're so happy you've found us and we look forward to getting and publishing your writing ;)
Mignon · 5 years ago
Hi my name is andile mjwara ,m a girl born n bred at Estcourt ,writing poems ,short stories has always been a part of me , actually I can say a dream ...I remember in grade 5 use to write under umsizi press one of the publishers ,it was under my school writings ,I wrote stories there but never had opportunity to carry on and deliver , now that I have joined fundza I think I will be going forward with my dream because it what I love the most ,it where I express my feelings through writing ,let me be fundza and I think I need a publisher mostly in my home language and a bit in english
59162945 · 5 years ago
Hi Prince C Jumah - sorry - we don't do print publishing... but best of luck!
Mignon · 5 years ago
Hi I always had a feeling that i can write stories but never had a chance to submit my work to anyone until my friends got hold of my book and told me I can write can I be published on my first book .
Tshoko · 5 years ago
my name is prince Jumah,from Malawi. I'm a writer, I writte stories, novels, book,(education,spritual, etc). am looking for a pulisher. any one who whould like to help please.
Prince C Jumah · 5 years ago
Hi there, at the moment this is not possible - to get your work on FunDza's site you need to send it to writing@fundza.co.za.
Team FunDza · 5 years ago
Can I open a blog here as a Fanz?? If so, how??
Dyplo · 5 years ago
How can i do to see online user
pangambewe · 5 years ago
Hi @Ubuntu Bami. Yes, you can be published as a Fanz writer. Please send your work via email to: writing@fundza.co.za - our editing team will then let you know when it has been published.
Mignon · 5 years ago
Hi I'm Ubuntu Ngcobo I'm a author and also a Black consciousness speaker I believe in freedom of speech can I get my work published?
Ubuntu Bami · 5 years ago
I want to publish my story(the abuse) ,but am scared that people ain't gonna like my book. .
Queen Hope · 5 years ago
I don't need the money even if you don't pay m jst glad to share my stories good or bad
black power · 5 years ago
I have only one question do I get paid cause im a poetic and a story writter
sindisiwes · 5 years ago
thank u for yo help
dre kid · 5 years ago
i've been doing litereture by the time i was at the high school,so i want to submit my short stories
willie267 · 6 years ago
Hi there You can write at any time and send it to writing@fundza.co.za
Alonzo Naude · 6 years ago
I write poems do I have to write my poem now
Nay Nene · 6 years ago
Never mind
Lil S · 6 years ago
How do I publish my poem
Lil S · 6 years ago
Yes..mine is just coming
Ykay · 6 years ago
Hi there, you can have a look at the PASA (Publishers Association of South Africa) site to find traditional publishers.
Team FunDza · 6 years ago
I'm very passionate about writing short stories and even scripts I enjoy writing, because it eases my mind and makes me feel so much better. I hope to become a successful Author or writer one day but I have no idea where to start.
joy…@gmai... · 6 years ago
I would like to publish here? who knows maybe you guys can help me and can become a good author
brolex king · 6 years ago
Woow, thtata grt, i would love to submit mine... Thank u FunDza
Shamila · 6 years ago
I would like to publish here
Miss BT · 6 years ago
Thanks funDza.mobile
Keotshepile · 6 years ago
Oh that sounds cool,
drΓ³ΓΆpΓ¨r · 6 years ago
Thanks for this website. It's really educative .I love it.
Obinna3 · 6 years ago
Great! Please send your work to: writing@fundza.co.za
Mignon · 6 years ago
I would also like to publish here β™‘
BlackSeed · 6 years ago
Hiy I'm Shandy Kotelo I wanna write about The journey to success
DrShandy · 6 years ago
Well thanks for these subsidiary questions
Lungelo Gumede · 6 years ago
Hi my name is kombe Justin 21year old wanting to write about hw i became a young entrepreneur
kombe Justin · 6 years ago
Hi my name is Alexa khanyo and I'd love to write poetry on your amazing site where do I begin
Alexa khanyo · 6 years ago
My name is Tomisin Peter,i am in J.s.s3,i am writer but did not have the money to produce my stories s i try to join these wonderful site,i will be happy if you can appreciate my work
Tomisin Peter · 6 years ago
Hi there, send in your writing to writing@fundza.co.za.
Team FunDza · 6 years ago
HY my name is mathapelo mphandwe.Am in grade10 this year i will like to publish my poems and story's for the world and I want to be known by people. I can write poems and story's by English and Sesotho. THANK YOU
hadifelle · 6 years ago
I lyk 2 post my story but I am scared
mahlobo · 6 years ago
Okheyi ngiyabonga kakhulu #fundza i might be publishing for uuuu
hazel(yolovereadingfundza) · 6 years ago
Good Morning FunDza I'm A Story Writer & I Would Like To Get My Book Published?
Tshwaragano · 6 years ago
Hi I would like to publish my short story and poems but I want to get paid, I don't mind paying for myself to publish, so u just want to benefit for my work. Got a suggestion?
Norza · 6 years ago
Afernoon everyone, so as i have submitted two stories separately will i recieve separate feedback
TAOLO · 6 years ago
ok can i please get the previous short stories in xhosa
tandoh · 6 years ago
Hi there, have a look at South African books in bookstores, libraries or online and see who publishes the kinds of books you would like to write (and remember as a writer you do need to have read a lot yourself!) Then google them and see what their submission requirements are. Good luck!
Team FunDza · 6 years ago
I have a wish of getting published like the great Author's: Eskia Mphahlele , Can Themba , Nadiner Gordimer and many more others. I have a wish of getting paid gor my work. Would you please recommend me to any site or page of publishers available in South Africa. Please Fundza gelp me.
Geboh26 · 6 years ago
Hi Owffsyn. We can publish your work on fundza.mobi but we can't help you get it in to print form. Hope you will submit work to: writing@fundza.co.za
Mignon · 6 years ago
I'm a writer, I love writing alot ,so I want to get my short stories and poems published... Will u do it for me?
Owffsyn · 6 years ago
I have a passion for writing I am inspired by life itself, I have approximately 20 short stories...should I send one at a time or the number I want published?
Msaros · 6 years ago
can i send you my 2 poems at once?
godz · 7 years ago
I want to write my storie,and I was almost died in the house.
Percival Mkhize · 7 years ago
LIFE Life is a journey Travel it without fear Feel at ease to travel while having fun Explore, while you’re at it Be sure to enjoy it while it last For if you fail to, it will enjoy you without mercy Don’t be afraid to live, love and laugh at the fullest But with care for life is too good yet too short Life is like a book Feel completely free to read it Read to learn more from it For it is full of great lessons to wise people who are wise enough to realise and are ready to learn Like a sweet novel, read it to enjoy it but most importantly to understand it Do not take for granted that failure to understand it Leads to a quick and short ending which is death Don’t miss any step because you will lose the meaning of the whole book That meaning is life, in general Life is a challenge Try it Don’t be afraid to take risks Let yourself try new things, new tricks Stop being afraid of heights Don’t gamble because you might lose Give life a try but be open-minded For only the intelligent minds get through Life is more like mathematics Only great minds can understand and pass it Not all can pass but all can try Add positive thinking Love, peace, joy and hope Then you’ll obtain marvellous results Subtract jealousy, hatred, sorrows tears and regrets Divide or share wisdom, ideas, opportunities, good memories and laughter Multiply your wealth, blessings, family and friends For only awesome things will come to those with hope, trust and hard work Losers, failures and quitters will always find reasons to blame others for their failure Life is like an echo What you send outcomes back to you like the saying that says: β€œWhat goes around comes back around” You only reap what you sow If you send love to others, you will also receive love, If you give out more you will definitely get more but If you give out less Don’t be surprised if you get less in return Nothing is fairer than life But most of us don’t get it though Life is surely a game Play it to enjoy But also play it right rather than playing it safe It is also not wrong to play it safe if you can’t play it right Be warned though! Nothing feels more awesome, interesting and exciting Than to know your game and being good at it That way you get to master and nail it Never let life defeat you Always plan, be a step ahead, take action, win
Thabang MOSHOADIBA · 7 years ago
I want to start writing but I don't know where to start plzzz help me guyz
masixole fongo · 7 years ago
Hi there, we don't use a lot of pictures to keep data low.. but email us at info@fundza.co.za and we can chat further.
Team FunDza · 7 years ago
I am an artist and I write stories using pictures ,can I also send my stories to fundza
innocent chulu · 7 years ago
guys please help me how do i start typing my short strories
Blessing mbele · 7 years ago
Do you get promoted once you start writing short stories on this site?
kamogelo nkadimeng · 7 years ago
Thank you for an escape through writing you guyz bless me each day . Keep doing what you do . Thanx
Nonhlanhla Dube · 7 years ago
Gives peace of mind
Malsams · 8 years ago
Its very nice reading another person's story next it will be me
Dimpho · 8 years ago
It gives me great joy. To know that there's a platform such as this, my writings took a major turn. When I first published a piece with Fundza. Briefly put,thank you for improving and editing my work freely. Words fail me to prove how grateful I am.
western writer · 8 years ago
I would love to see my work being published for free ...it is another step of life.
Karabo w monama · 8 years ago
This really sucks
mpho · 8 years ago
I want to write a poem
800080(G)(H)*TROPICALGENIE*(H)(G) · 8 years ago
I wanna write a poem
krayzee24 · 8 years ago