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Leaving you was the hardest thing in life But it doesn't seem like I'm breathing ... I've loved you for so long... Now I've forgotten who I am Your now gone and I'm still solving a puzzle I lost years ago .... I guess I'm just obsessed with you Can you give me a single clue.... Of why I still need you in my heart...that you've broken a thousand times What's left not pieces but ashes of my soulless heart .... _by Daredevil_
Daredevil101 · 2 months ago
When someone is discouraged, Someone is lonely, Stressful and in sorrow We can try our best To make them happy With a little thing I know little is much When God is in it Just like smile Simple thing Can heal broken Relationship It shows howmuch You love someone, You care for someone The one who lost hope Can have it again When there is smile On your face.
Majors majawa · 4 months ago
Hi Puwe, as you already know FunDza does not pay for publishing, but this platform will help you receive great exposure and feedback from the people who will read and comment on your poems.
FunDza Team · 4 months ago
Hi there. You can write your poem in isiZulu and all you need is your name and contact details (cell phone number and email address.) We look forward to receiving your work.
FunDza Team · 4 months ago
I want to write my first poem but i dont have these information required and i write it in isizulu
ziipho · 4 months ago