During her childhood,

She was as good as everyone

At the age of twenty-something,

She fell in love with a handsome men,

Her parents warned her,

But she didn’t listen,

They told her that getting married to that family would put her in danger,

But because she was deeply in love with him,

She denied to stop loving him

Her parents gave her blessing at their wedding,

Things went smoothly,

Her husband was in love with her,

But his parents didn’t want her

But she forced herself to be his wife even though the mother of her husband didn’t love her.

In 1987, she gave birth to a handsome boy

And he only lived a few years on earth

Because he died before he could go to school

His mother left him with a family member

Because she was going to fetch water down to the river

When she came back,

They told her that “your son is dead.

She cried and cried.

Until tears dry out of her eyes

Her husband was very disappointed because

He wanted a child by all means

But he didn’t divorce her

He kept on supporting her

In 1990, she fell pregnant again, and she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl,

Everything was great for her

She was a hardworking woman

Who used to sell clothes and everything

But life happened,

Her husband started to get sick around 2007

And it was painful for her

Because he didn’t make it

She started to get sick, too

The depression took in her body

The family of her husband keeps on harassing her

Telling her that she killed their son

While deep inside, they know the truth

As I write these words on top of this paper!

My tears flow down like a river

Because she is no longer the same.

Right now, she is mentally ill,

Depression is real

Even witchcraft is real.

Never trust anyone

You can love them all, but trust no one.