I’m left in the space,
Deep inside a great war,
I tried to call you,
But you couldn’t answer me,
I tried to text you,
But you couldn’t text me back,
I thought if I had your number,
We gonna rest our minds,
I thought I would never miss you again,
Instead I long for you more and more,
Day and night in my thoughts you rest,
When I look at the sun,
I see the beauty of your shiny face,
Wish you pick up your calls,
Maybe I can hear your voice,
That would bring me happiness,
Even when you don’t feel the same,
I will still adore you,
Coz this is what my heart has chosen,
I don’t care about your status,
I don’t care whether you are from rich or poor,
I don’t care whether you will say yes or no,
I don’t care whether you will rest by my side or not
But all I care is to see you living a healthy life,
The life full of beautiful moments,
Your face covered with smiles of happiness,
I say I all I care is to make this world a better place for you.