Looking back,

I feel like I’m a fool

For believing you

For the lies, I went for

Everyone warned me

But it doesn’t matter now

Coz I brought it all in my direction

You took my feeling and threw them far away

Looking back

I can now see how you played me

How you played my emotions

You take me for granted

You never felt anything for me

I can’t believe how I missed all the signs

Well, it’s your loss

Not mine

Coz by looking back when I see you now

I see a fool who never saw the diamond in me

A fool who’ll never experience real love

A fool who’ll always try to prove a point

A point to people their calls friends

A point to their worthless image

Baby, I’ll always have a soft spot for you

But near my locked dark heart and past

I wish you well.

Do you know why?

Because you need it anyway.