“I love you let me love you!
Why won’t you love me back?!”
Shut up!! and listen to me
I’m not saying I don’t love you
All I’m saying is I don’t think
I am fit enough to stand
What comes with loving you
“Allow me to prove myself then!”

So that’s how it all started
And here we are after the bliss
I fight the same fight everyday
Happiness is a thing of the past
Hopefully, not the future too.
I wish I could shut down for a moment,
This pain is overpowering me
Hope is the word that gets me to the next day.
Silence! Is a demanding word
I use my mind for my thoughts
But do they become silent though? No!
‘patience my heart patience.’ 
I say that to my heart every day
Because “healing is a process” they said.
I am becoming impatientt because
It’s taking too much time, it’s taking