Love is a blessing from God he loved us he even sacrificed with his only son for us to be forgiven. Love can build or destroy

This is one of the reason why most relationships end in tears its because we get into relationship thinking our partners are amazing human beings but as soon as you say yes to umjolo , promise ring ,engagement ring or marriage a person start showing off thier real true colours.

If the person is a abuser, a lia, a cheater, a clumsy and unclean person, a moody person , a pretender , a promiser all those characteristics shows after you have said lets try , im in or i do. You just dont know what to do you just hope that person will change and be a person you thought he was before. He was a gentleman, humbled person with lots of humor, a lover , a provider, the father to your children,a person that knows the importance of communication, a real man you saw your future with him.

You try to get him to the same space he was before the true colours came about but the sad true is that person will never change dont even think its your fault because its not . You did not do anything at all his always being like this he just hide his real personalities. You know what they say about the skeletons in the closet they always come out to play.

To a person who feels trapped by love ask your self is it weath it ? Do i have to change who i am to accommodate this persons true colours? If i continue stay in this relationship when will i have inner peace? Do i have to settle for less ? Dont i deserve happiness and love ? Am i not better by my self then with this ticking bomb? Do i have to break my boundaries?

If you answered any of this questions and your answers are not making you uncomfortable you really need to rethink your decision. I know its not easy but lets love ourselves enough to know who is the priority in our relationships .. If you have children with him then start by checking thier behaviour when his around, does home feel like home when his around , are you happy when his around or everything changes when his far.

You do not want to put your children through such emotional abuse and traumatic experiences because of love. Love is never enough on its own. So rather be on your own than to tolerate such stressful times.

Always remember that you are beautiful and special and you dont need anyone to detect that , i know we want to be loved but lets first love ourselves before wanting anyone to love us. When we love ourselves enough we know when we in toxic relationship then we let go. To much of anything is hazardous including love. Take care of yourself and your children.

Have you ever felt trapped by love? What did you do to escape?