The journey to becoming is not easy. It is always thornful and heavy and needs too much courage, strength and willingness. This is a journey that many take and end up not finishing it to the very end ,let alone even reach half of the destination. This is a journey coupled with self-healing, rememberance of the past and unbecoming. This is where one gets to confront themselves and their naked selves, where touching and uncomfortable conversations with self must be held , where demons must be faced and where the truth must come out. This is a journey that is travelled alone without no friends, squad, partner or family member accompanying you. This is where you are alone facing yourself and only yourself. Where you are questioning yourself whether the decisions you have made so far have brought you good or bad or whether the plans you have carry how much of strength and how promising are they. This is where introspection is done and where you have to start looking at both your shoulders and see the baggages that you are carrying.

This is where if you had no love for yourself ,you’ll start learning about yourself and see the assertions that made you shift focus from you and move to accepting what other people deliver to you, what you are always happy to receive. This is where you have to start shedding tears because you have spent so much time shedding tears for other people and not yourself. This is the time where you have to start learning new habits for yourself and unlearning old habits. This is the time to ask questions about the dreams and aspirations that you had before you became a tower of terror ,asking yourself what happened to them and why are you not a step close to starting or reaching them. This is where you have to ask yourself all the difficult questions that have the answers that you need as the key to unlocking all the doors that you have spent so many years shutting ,this is the time where you have to unlock the doors and start dusting away the spider webs and dust sand and starting cleaning all the rooms that you have stored all the good and necessary things about yourself that you have buried in storages because you were too busy trying to fit in and trying to becoming something you are not. Where you were harbouring people’s baggages and emotions and busy unpacking them , forgetting to unpack and carry your own.

This is where reality between you and yourself start emerging. This is where inner spirits starts evoking. This is where you will learn how to hold a champagne glass and toast to yourself instead of making toasts for others. This is where you have to start spending time with yourself and making plans for yourself ,plans that involve you and plans that have space for no third or second party. This is the time where you will work on your relationship with God and ancestors and also work on the spiritual and mental relationship you have with yourself.