It’s heartbreaking to always be there for people, but when it’s your turn, they are not there when you need them most. I have two friends who I thought were my best friends but only realised that I was totally wrong.

I have been there for them so many times. Supporting them through thick and thin, making sure they get all the support they need from me. I have not been myself for the past few days. All I wanted from people I thought were my best friends was support, and I received a rejection in return.

Sometimes having a good heart in this cruel world can make people feel like you’re weak, but that’s courage. We can’t change who we are. It is what it is, such is life, and we just have to live it. With or without them, life has to go on.

From now on, I decided to stay away from friendships because they were not working for me. You scratch my back; I will scratch yours in the ensuing days. I want to start being distant and gravitate to vibes that suit me. So call me every name you can in a book but don’t try to discredit every chance I took. I’m tired, and I’m done with friendships.