Subsistence farming is essential in rural areas, is classified as the core primary activity that creates employment. Farmers have an immense responsibility to maintain the plantation lands. Uncle George was one of those dedicated, respected and wealthy farmers in Mgwali village. He made assurance his livestock and crops were always in a delightful condition.

However, some local villagers made outrageous speculations regarding his wealth. How he could have possibly managed to produce various victuals, with high-grade quality under the heavily consuming drought conditions. Villagers ranked him as the witch doctor, who used hideous spirits to execute miraculous things on his land.

Uncle George had a huge assistant team, which handled the day to day activities on the farm. Then again among that team, certain individuals were congested with envy, that being the case a plan was put into effect to sabotage uncle George. The plan was to burn a quarter of the plantation land, steal any available livestock found in the kraal.

Unfortunately, the culprits were caught out and banished, by the king of Mgwali village. Although they were banned from the village, the architect behind the scheme was still gallivanting extravagantly and unknown.

Competition between uncle George and other farmers, become aggressive and heavy-handed. They tried using altered and delicate techniques, in keeping their allocated harvesting lands fertile. Used items such as organic mulch and crop rotation but the results were still catastrophic.

Babundlovu took matters into his own hands. He consulted with numerous spiritualist doctors, in search of the undisclosed truth behind uncle George’s success. However, they were unable to evaluate the breadth of views the ancestors provided. Babundlovu and uncle George had a rather unusual friendship, which many failed to understand.

It was evident through Babundlovu’s spoken words and actions he despised uncle George, what people didn’t take into account was the fact that Babundlovu forged this friendship with an eclipsed mission to thoroughly tear down uncle George’s esteem and estates.

Babundlovu sent mysterious men to burn down the harvesting land owned by uncle George. They successfully completed the task half of the estates were damaged, he was left with just twenty cows and an ashy land.

After the incident the narrative took a groundbreaking fearsome twist, uncle George suffered from heart complications. He was hospitalised for months, with no clear indication whether he was going to recover. The farm was put under total shutdown, majority of the assistant team immediately resigned. Some villagers privately rejoiced in the downfall of the harvesting Herculean of Mgwali. Unexpectedly their noteworthy celebrations were quickly cut short.

Doctors managed to execute heart transplant surgery, which took him a week to recover from. After he was discharged he shortly reopened the farm, gradually refurbished damages caused by the fire. Although things were never going to be the same again, he kept on striving because he knew his miraculous harvesting method would fluctuate everything.

Babundlovu realised his untamed sabotage created a ream of wrecking, not just on the estates but also on uncle George’s health. However, he neither confessed nor apologised for what he orchestrated. Rather he made an effort to be better friend, towards his fellow companion. Rumours circulated among the villagers, claiming Babundlovu was behind uncle George’s downfall. Although he never admitted to knowing anything, uncle George knew he was guilty. Hence he drew a fine line between them.

Uncle George came up with a solution, in ending the power and wealth struggle between farmers. He arranged a brief meeting with local farmers, in which he explained to them a rather exquisite method he used to survive the perennial drought weather.

He harvested water from the Air, the method seemed more or less complicated and expensive. However, in order for them to grow, they needed to be open to new ideas and ways of doing things. He used metal-organic frameworks to harvest humidity.


After approaching different local business officials, he managed to secure a huge investment deal. which was used to assist struggling farmers of Mgwali village. With positive repercussions, the feud between farmers came to an end, as possession of financial wealth was equally earned.