This is a story of how I became close to my high school crush. This happened after weeks the schools have opened.

I was an isolated teenage girl at school, a loner. I was never approached by any guy or had anyone come and talk to me. I was never popular like other girls at school because I was too occupied doing what benefited me. It was only a month, who knows what might happen in a few weeks.

Monday morning and I was late for class. Guess what? The teacher, Mr Ngobeni was already in class. I had to come up with a story. I knocked at the door nervously. My teacher came towards the door looking all grumpy as always. I tried to explain myself, but he shouted with his voice loud as a lion’s roar. After all the shouting he let me in.

I walked in and the first thing I noticed was this handsome boy, dark skinned with light brown eyes. He was my desk mate. I pulled my chair and sat down. WOW! He smelled so nice. I stared at him for a while, I guess I was lost in his beauty.

Classes passed, then lunch time came. Everyone was talking about the new guy. Girls tried to get his attention. I observed these doings from a distance. He came to me since I was sitting alone. We talked about life, shared our feelings and experiences.

Ever since that day we became inseparable. We were not dating but we were close. I never told him that he was my crush. Even today.