When you care for yourself, you feel better, loved, and feel confident as a woman. Feminine hygiene is one of the subjects rarely talked about among families. Taking care of your hygiene should break the bank because it requires a little daily effort using the following tips and tricks.

Take care of your skin and let it breathe. Before going to bed, take a shower, take your makeup off and prepare your face for the night and the next day. 

You need to use a day and night cream because you are in a dirty atmosphere full of bacteria, so protecting your face with a daytime moisturiser will help it stay fresh.

At night when we sleep, we sweat, and there can be dirt in bed that can be on your face, and that is why you need to wash your skin the next day when you wake up and get it protected for the next day.

Get a peeling clean to peel your dead cell or skin that makes your face look dull (If possible, go to a beautician to tell you your skin type)

Get a facial massage.

 If you do not have enough money, you get a massage tool that you can easily use at home. It helps to massage your face and helps blood circulation to make your face rosy. Look for a natural recipe that can be good for your body and face. Reduce or limit chemical substances in your products, like perfume and cream, because natural products can make a difference. 

Choose a signature perfume that you like and enjoy wearing. as a feminine woman investing in perfume will make your present noticeable or felt. 

A good perfume makes you feel good about yourself, and do not forget a good body cream with a good moisturiser.


Instead of synthetic, wear cotton or lace underpants to help your vaginal breaths. How many times should you change your pant a day? Max, two times a day because we want to clean our women’s parts.