Teenage years weren’t really the best of years I’ve had but I’m sure that’s not true for everyone. We all had different journeys and experiences. Changes developed in our bodies and our feelings. Emotions were also all over the place because of certain hormones.

I really didn’t have many friends I was always buried in my books. Matriculated and left high school and we realise life isn’t all fairytales anymore, reality kicks in and you wonder about your future. That has been my reality ever since high school. Other days you don’t even have the strength to wake up and get out of bed. You feel as though your life is stagnant.

Young adulthood journey has not been easy for me let alone the journey and experiences. Most of the times I wish I had an older sister I could offload to, but I don’t. I’m a very private person but I also have times where I wanna be social and have fun. Men take advantage leading to trauma-triggers. You know at some point I believe the daddy issues theories. I think had I gotten to know my dad, I wouldn’t be seeking so much validation from men.

 Academics are yet another hectic struggle. I began failing in varsity last year. I was always on top of things but it just wasn’t enough. Unemployment is a struggle to many young individuals who might not have the means to go to school or further their studies. Some are lucky to be employed and some are not.

The journey to being an adult really is a no walk in the park. At just 19 I’ve endured so much, enough to give me a reason to give up on life. But because God is able and present, we have the strength to continue.

To any young person embarking on a journey of adulthood, remember it’s okay to frequently make mistakes. It’s part of the learning process. Please be selfish about yourself and the things you consider valuable for your future. Please don’t deny yourself fun and most importantly remain disciplined and stay humble. I believe life does get better.