Sometimes all I want from you is to listen, let my soul pour out that bitter brew from the cup once covered with n dew when I loved you.

Let the castings of regret fall away as I release the pain you left me lingering onto the scent of the promise you made which was never true.

You left and yet I’m still here begging for an answer, grovelling at your feet forgetting how loving you is a crime and the sentence is deceit, damn I should have known better than to shut you out and let one in. I should have started by washing you off my skin like Sade said, “you’re not right within”. Dammit I still let you in when I should have kept you out, now I’m fighting with my subconscious questioning what my love is about,

I want them perfect yet they all resemble you, I get them tainted and you were always the glue that peeled off after taking too long in my years. You came off and gave life to my deepest fears that thought I could heal yet love isn’t an illness it takes closure and a couple of years, so I forgive you for muting me out, you’re no longer what I’m about.