Is freedom what we had imagined it to be?

The battlefield of our lifetime!

Times during apartheid were bad for most races and people with different types of religious beliefs. People were mistreated, discriminated against, enslaved and were not given the privileges as the other race.

Many people were imprisoned, killed, slaved, fighting for a better life for those who were under privileged. Their beliefs took their lives for us, to have better and fair treatment, better education, better jobs.

But the main question is are we living to honour them by doing what they had imagined freedom nor what they fought and died for???

Look into our towns and see how dirty and unsafe it is to just walk freely without getting robbed off your belongings. See how our economy is being affected by the rates of unemployment and crime activities such corruption.

Look into our roads, schools, churches, opportunities for youth and societies. Is this the freedom we had all wanted and how we had imagined it to be?

Is this the freedom our people died for and fought for?

Nowadays everything else doesn’t matter. People with authority seek into feeding only their families and their friends. Education no longer is the KEY TO SUCCESS, but connection is.

People without relevant experience or qualifications are given positions they are not rightfully fit for. Seeing a highly qualified person unemployed has also discouraged alot of us not to bother further our studies.

Desires of education have faded with our dream as corruptible events keep on taking place in our country. Is our government what we should look up to for job creation or should we take the matters in our own hands and fall into the same corrupt mentality as them?

Will that benefit our up coming generations, we are told that our kind are the future leaders but our voices seem not to be heard. Our views and points are just like story times, parliamentary committee filled with elderly patients and no youth part of it.

Is this the freedom we were seeking and craving so much for?