Sadness lingers, i reminisce on days when love came to visit. The kind of love i used to read in novels, and fantisized about late at night. Times when it was just you and I –wrapped around each other’s arms; our souls laying in the sky. For once i had found someone breathing affection and assurance deep in my bones. Put my anxious mind to sleep; silencing the echoes of dubiety in my head. Love to me is the moments shared listening to our favorite playlist, holding lengthy conversations about how we never want to lose each other. Locking eyes and pinky promises– embracing love in all different forms. But now all i do is to look back. The flames of deception never ceased to spread; despite my efforts to resolve and prevent the sparks from reaching our deep roots. The endless acts of violence to beshield our affection left me with bruised knuckles and knots. I fell from great heights hoping you would be there to catch me. I hit the ground on my back and with only the moon watching. Witnessing my soul tearing into two, holding myself back because i couldn’t let go. And now; I spend my days in solitude, living in my head, and the only love i receive is in my imagination—love to me is just a thought.