Generation 2011: Sihle was born on 3 may 2011.In this life she is 10 year old and about to turn 11. Let’s start from the beginning. 
SIHLE began her life in a preschool where the teachers there were mean. All her years there she suffered because the teachers took her food. Every time she told her mother “mommy I am hungry” her mother asked herself how could she be hungry when I gave her 8 slices of pizza today. 
It continued she got hungrier and hungrier. Her mother saw that she has not been eating her food her mother asked Mother : my dear, who has been eating your food lately? 
SIHLE :Oh mommy the teachers do they take my food everyday when I bring something delicious to school mom. And I am left with nothing to eat. 
SIHLEs mother posted that the preschool teachers have been eating Sihles food. 
One of the preschool teachers send a comment to what Sihles mother posted saying. 
Teacher:Sihles mother please stop posting these things about us. We don’t eat the childrens food please forgive the teachers for doing this if they truly did it.
Finally the teachers stopped what they were doing and sihle ate her food. 
SIHLE finally reached her grade. Grade 1 started scary because she thought she would be asked what’s 1+1 or other sums she wanted to run away. 
Teacher: Welcome to grade 1F kids the name of the school is Promosa Primary school ok. 
Class :Yes mam. 
Teacher :please write you name in the following lines please. Sihle! Stop talking to that boy over there please. 
SIHLE :mam it was not me talking to him mam it was that maar girl over there by the wall. 
Teacher: Hey! Sihle! Why are you making fun of the other children heh? You know what sihle stand up and give me your hand. 
The teacher hit SIHLEs hand with a wooden stick. SIHLEs hand turned red because of ✌️ hits on one hand. 
Sihle begins to turn into a beautiful girl. Boys run after her. Then one handsome boy came along his name was Ofenste. 
Ofenste gave Sihle a ring to show his love. Sihle took it and kept it on to show her love. 
SIHLE began studying and got 7s on her report results. 
She passed 5 grades. 
Because she was the best in class she struggled in grade 5.
She even told her father. 
Her father said she would be leaving that school in April. She was happy. But again sad because she would be leaving the love of her life Ofenste behind. She even told mam Queen the bad news.
The school had waterworks /crying going on. In her last day her love did not come. She told people when he comes tell him I will miss him.
She went away and had a good life. 
She finished school and got married to her long away love Ofenste. 
Now she will tell you her secret.
Her reall name is gofa 
End 🔚