Rhabula a ungafinci:

Praise names of Ngcoya

The Africans have praisenames that are derived from the names, tendencies, myths and experiences of their forefathers. Ngcoya descendants’ praise names (izibongo in Xhosa language) are:



Bhala kaDududu!







Madib’udonga luqhekeka!

It is important to correct the misconception by some people that Ngcai are Madiba or Dlomo. This absolutely incorrect. Madiba or Dlomo are from the Thembu line of origin and Ngcoya are from the Mpondo line of origin. Madiba in Ngcoya clan is lightly used like Thombela which is derived from ‘Thombel’entabeni’ as Madiba is derived from ‘Madib’udonga luqhekeka’.

Ngcoya was the son of Bhala, the King of AmaMpondo. Amongst, Bhala’s wives, MaGqubutshe, gave birth to a son and other wives said “Uyagcoya wena uzele indodana – happy are you who gave birth to a son”. The son was then named Ngcoya. The huts of a man had names and belonged to the different wives. When the wives started their severed homestead, they would carry along the names of their huts. MaGqubutshe’s hut was called eBhukadeni.

It is also important to note that Ngcoya is the descendant of Bhala, Gangatha, Cabe, Ncindise, Msiza, Mpondo, Njanya, Sibiside, Dlemini and so on.

One will notice that many Mpondo clans share the ancestors. For example, amaKhonjwayo amaNyawuza, amaKhwetshube, are the descendants of Bhala.