Once there lived an old man named Arthur, who was often called Mr Dusty shoes because his shoes were always dusty. He lived with his grandson named, Tom, in Asia.

There came a day when there was an event to where he was not invited because of his shoes. His grandson, Tom, showed him a book about a man who went on an adventure to Spain. He said to his grandfather: “This man, on his adventure, found a substance for making shoes look shiny and smooth. You should also go.”

Mr Dusty quickly packed his luggage for Spain without being reluctant, leaving Tom with a neighbour.

He met a young lady who was also going to Spain during his journey. They kept company but drifted apart because the lady was going to Barcelona, on the other hand Mr Dusty shoes was going to Málaga. He arrived safely and when he arrived, he went to the other side of Málaga that is near the Ocean and started digging. There he found, a black substance his grandson told him about. It was unknown and didn’t have a name, it was just a story from the book that everyone thought to be imaginary. And so, he called it ‘POLISH’. He named it after his childhood pet. He went back to Asia. He told his grandson the great adventure he was on. Tom didn’t think the story in his book was real, he just wanted his grandfather to go so he could have some fun time. Mr Dusty shoes then applied polish to his dusty shoes.

He finally went to the event. People were so surprised to see Mr Dusty shoe’s shoes shiny. He sold polish locally and then later when his business was booming established a company called KIWI that is known throughout the whole wide world.