World seem so different to an eye of a child, growing up knowing nothing but a lie; hurts, only the poor live the “Naked Truth” because they fight to survive corruption of the rich.

I was born a dreamer but my dreams where shutdown by a rich people wanting me to be corrupt for them, wanting me to use my dreams to make them richer, I refuse to and I got fired for not following rules that the corrupt made. I am a dreamer but no more because I allowed to be poor than to ride a fast car that might kill me, I was born poor but I was raised to change the state of my family. Being poor is hard but wanting to be rich is harder, because you do things that might make you happy but don’t realise that those you hurt becomes poorer than they were.

I grow up with a dream of being a hacker, but a hacker that blocks corrupt people from destroying others, but I was once told “Help yourself than helping others, I can teach you how” those words played in my mind and I asked; “How can you help me?” I didn’t realise at first that my dream was so powerful to make another person suffer, and I was answered; “I am rich, no because I worked hard, people with skills help me to be rich by taking other people’s money from their bank accounts, so I hired you because you got skills to make my company a billion rand company.” I started to become afraid, thinking that I might get arrested but deep down my heart, I was feeling guilty already and sad; because my mother’s money was once taken from her account without going to an ATM, I started to wonder why I was so poor but I realise that there are people making us poor, so I refused and that’s how I got fired.

Truth be told, a person with mind can’t change the world because the rich will become richer, I didn’t thought that “Education is a way to open doors for rich people to destroy the poor,” so I decided to open my own company of “IT Protectors” my company was helping banks that are easily to be hacked by companies that are full of corruption. Banks were happy to receive more clients than seeing them coming to close their bank accounts and move to another branch, but companies that are corrupt started to become poor and they experience the pain that the poor experienced, I took all the money that they have took from the people who try to change their state of living to a better one.

My dream start to feel like a dream until tax came to visit me at home, I was shocked asking myself what have I done wrong to wrong them because I pay tax. I was charged for not paying tax for 6 months and I didn’t think that they were corrupt too, I lost everything… my company collapsed, and I became poor. I was angry at times but my heart of helping others made me happy, I heard people talk; “How they are happy of their bank branch for returning their stolen money back to their account, now they bought a house and a car,” I smiled but when time goes on I got a call from one of the banks that where working with my company to be their “IT guy” I was happy but not that happy because I was shutdown so easily and I end up losing money. Few months later other branches started to have clients complaining about their bank account of losing money, I knew that they have started again but I kept quiet “with a broken heart.”

I have never thought that using my dream to help others might hurt me like this, I started to realise that if I wanna win in life, I need to be close to my enemies and make them think am their friend, my previous company hired me and I left the bank that hired me, not because I wanted to but to bring them more clients than enmities. My first task for this company was to steal or take clients money for small banks and I did, just to earn their trust, my boss was every happy and they started to trust me… so I knew what to do next, I started to expose their partners that work for “SARs” and blocked their access of stealing money from banks or companies that ain’t corrupt, my boss didn’t realise it was me… I just told him that I can’t get access to companies anymore, he said; “I thought that you the genius of them all and I fired others because I had you,” that’s where I realised that my boss is so greedy to see themselves richer than Donald Trump.

Being rich hurts, everyone in the company got arrested including me, I tried to explain that am innocent but being innocent with my skills, made me guilty. My boss got free because he wasn’t the one who owns that company, it was me and the contract that I signed at first, wasn’t a contract but a company’s owner. I was charged 18th years in prison and 5th years out of prison, I cried of seeing a guilty person walk free and started thinking that I took a wrong decision of coming back to that company, but my boss become poor and lost everything… that made me happy.

Here in prison things are different than out of prison, am happy even though am abused, I wrote this in prison for something I didn’t do but I felt free from the rest of the world. I know that my life dream or my dream was ruined, I survive with writing my wrongs on a paper, learning the hard way opened up my mind or how we need to see the world. Soon I will be free but don’t think that I will be like before because here in prison many things have happen, except being abused, I was changed to someone am not but I feel free. I joined a gang of killers and even when am out of prison I will always be their family, when they tell me to do something for them… I got no choice to do it, either to steal or kill, am ain’t proud of whom I have become but life of trying to do right hurts.

I Am sorry to all those I have wronged before but it wasn’t my intention to do so, I know that I had a choice but I choose to survive than to die young.