I once loved you

You once loved me

We were both in love with each other

You were once my ride or die my everything

We used to run and laugh

Have late date nights, got in trouble together

We did everything together ohh boy I don’t wanna lie the memories I had with you were so beautiful

But then things went side ways

You left me when I needed you the most, you left me when u believe you will stay with me

You left me when I had no one by my side like why did you have to do this

Today I don’t have any bad word against you because I just wanna thank you

For loving, believing me when no one else did, you taught me how to laugh and cry

When I gave up you even taught me how to try but then you are still

The same person who brought pain in my heart you chose my best friend over me

You taught me a lesson of life you made me strong thank you for hurting me

And telling my best friend that I am fool and that’s the actual sad truth I was just a fool

A fool for you when I loved you with all my heart I used to sleep with a heavy heart but not anymore boy it’s gonna take a miracle to bring me back and you are the one to blame

You chose my best friend over me after all the things I did for you wow clearly I was a fool

So this is how the story ends when love is gone you can’t pretend

Tempted to turn back for just one last kiss but my heart tells me it’s better just like this

I hope she makes you happy

But I won’t say I regret meeting you, loving you and knowing you

Because once upon a time you were my happiness