Do not waste your tears on broken people. Don’t waste your time on shattered things. Broken things will remain broken, that’s the will of life.


Many people see broken glass and walk around it, not many try to piece it back together. Cut your hands and cry, break your heart and cry, but lose yourself, there no tears needed.


Those that piece others together often end up with splinters in thier hand’s, cuts on their wrist and a shattered mind. You try to piece them together at your expense.


Those that break apart often lose themselves. Those that lose themselves have no tears left to cry. You try to find yourself through other people when you don’t know where you belong.


Through shattered eyes of glass, i see a shattered future. Through a lost mans eyes i see no future. Through eyes of dispar i see pain and sorrow apon the life of the victim.


For those that chose to use thier tears to heal the broken, I applaud you. For those that cut themselves piecing the shattered together, for those that break apart while healing the broken, i applaud you.


For those tears many classify as “Wasted tears” you classify it as love. For those that classify us as waste you classify us as gold. Gold is what ypu are not us, so i applaud you for your patience.