It’s never easy to forget the most progressive part of my life. To study in University of Pretoria was always a dream to me! But here I’m arrived to this apartment I felt it once that my life change… To explore the world was one of my wildest dreams but I never thought it would that beautiful . 

To be outside the province far from where I was raised, made me learn new things… My name is Anna a foster child from a warm home in Port Shepstone . I was the brightest child in the school , my foster parents were called just to be told about how their child is achieving . A clever girl who wanted to explore the world , I was once told my story of being found in a dust bin by the mother of the house. I cried but old enough to know the truth… I cursed the day she was until I realised God knows why I’m still alive. But the Alfred family treated me as their own child and they noticed that I am a dreamer. 

Singing was my everyday practice even in school my teacher makes sure I join when they start singing for school. The Alfred family considered themselves blessed as they always wanted a girl child. They had two boys, Sam older brother is a party pooper… he always come with different drunk girls. He drop out in school last year for repeating Grade10 4 times. Simon always makes sure his family is proud.

I passed my matric with flying colours, I took gap year as for many girls. It was hard sometimes as Sam always remind of hoe trash i am…being found on a dustbin. “You Anna… you nothing but a trash.” And start helping Simon on his Grade 11 studies. I managed to make him understand all subjects in 3 months.

Now that I’ve been accepted in University of Pretoria I promised to help him online in his Grade 12 studies. And Simon is pretty sure he will pass his matric . And really on mid January the results came out Simon passed with Bachelor degree! His mom was very proud, thanking Anna for being there for him.

“Take care of yourself my child, we will always love you… have a safe journey” the day for me to leave the province has arrived… “We will miss you sister” said Simon as waving goodbye. On a bus to Pretoria I couldn’t stop thinking about my real parents.

Would they be happy for me succeeding in life? of course they won’t … they left me helpless in a dust bin. A tear fell in my cheek… but thanks God here I arrived in University of Pretoria! I’ll be a happy girl as my Alfred family raised me for… I told myself!!