I don’t know who needs to hear this.

It’s so hard to hear people say the future is in your hands, which is true but the things teenagers face out there, they are too much for them, to adults it may seem like they are just cry babies or spoil brats.

Especially when you don’t have money and you are your family’s only hope. You see your peers enjoying themselves doing all the stuff you can’t afford. I know it might be tempting you will wish to be like them but what you must know is that you are yourself, you are what you are there’s nobody who can change that so don’t try to change yourself to be someone else. It may hurt seeing your classmates wearing expensive clothes in those extra classes, and you will start to worry about why aren’t you like them the truth is they are lucky because they have rich parents, and if you don’t have money it might hurt but it’s the truth.

Accept it you don’t have money, but there is something you can do to change that by going to school study and study hard, pass that test with 80% and above, graduate and make your own money. Think about it using your own money to live that soft life it’s called being independent.

I strongly believe that no matter what you’re facing you will get over it, there’s no one who said it will be easier. You are strong and you will not lose. You will not let the devil win. You will fight with all that you have and you will achieve. Have hope brother, despair is for the defeated.