So it was early this year when I decided to pack my bags and head back to the big city to hustle for a better tomorrow, as I got back to the city nothing was easy but at least I have a family that cares enough to make sure that I have a roof on my head and a meal before bed.

A few weeks after sleepless nights and stressful days, I enrolled at a training institution for a short course which was bound to change my life but not knowing what the future had in store for me, I was fortunate enough to be hired by the same company that trained me.

I started working at the center and actually fell in love with the job I had worked so hard to get, new students came to the center every week and that’s when I came across the woman I’ve been praying for. She was beautiful, bright and all a man could ask for in a woman.

Days went by and I couldn’t even talk to her, yeah I was chickening out but one afternoon after my shift, I asked her out on a date. When she agreed upon that, I was the happiest amongst everyone who was on the premises by that time but didn’t want to show it.

Since we were in a town with limited access to certain leisure places, we grabbed dinner and drinks then headed straight to my place. Upon arrival, we wined and dined as I opened up to her about how I truly felt about her only to find out that the feeling was mutual.

We decided to give our relationship a try although we had just known each other but I guess it’s true that “Love At First Sight” does exist and is actually a very strong bond compared to bonds that were created over a certain waiting period.

Everything was going well until someday she decided to make a fool of me to the point whereby I had to risk my life and walk to her place at midnight hence there was no transport and I thought she wanted to be with me so badly as I wanted to be.

I went there, called her when I got to the gate. She came out, tipsy and beautiful as always. The long, deep hug she gave me didn’t raise any suspicions that she may be up to something. Well, we went to some tarven around where she stayed.

When we got there, my entire mood just deteriorated to 0% especially when I saw how many guys were eyeing my girlfriend. I knew I was going to end up overreacting if we stayed there too long but I didn’t want to ruin her birthday, so I tried to adjust to the environment.

Some random lady who owns a food stall opposite the place saw me going to the lavatory and sent her child to call me, out of curiosity, I thought I should hear her out. It literally broke my heart that I was actually being saved by the same lady who my girlfriend claimed hates her.

She told me not to go back into the tarven, something bad is being plotted against me and I might not make it out alive. I was so confused by what she meant, but I believed her because I felt the tension between my girlfriend and I before I went out leaving her inside.

Well, the old lady sent her daughter to buy me adult beverages and check what was happening. When her daughter came back, she took me and put me in her room then began to cry. I then panicked very much, when I asked her what was happening, she held me tight!

After some time of complete silence, she then said: “That Girl Doesn’t Deserve You Bro, Why Did You Settle For Such Whereas You Have A Better Partner Awaiting You In The Future?” out of confusion, I giggled and said: “It’s Because I Love Her!”.

She then said: “Look, I Might Not Know You But I Could Tell When You Got There That You’re A Good Guy And Good Guys Die In The Hands Of This Neighborhood’s Boys Who Currently Planning On Attacking You. Worse Part Is That I Saw Your Girlfriend Whispering To One And Showing Him Your Picture”.

I didn’t know what to say nor do but all I knew is that there was a possibility that she’s telling the truth, so we spent the night with the old lady’s daughter in her room and actually drank the misery out before it could even start attacking my heart.

In the morning, she accompanied me to the taxis and we exchanged numbers. She’s the reason my breakup with my love at first sight didn’t hurt me, she and her mom saved my life. She’s been played a lot and I’ve been played a lot too, so I guess I’ll be back to tell a better tale.

Maybe if we were to become an item we’d understand and protect each other by all means even if it means killing anything or anyone that attempts to come between us especially to try and separate us.