On one dull Saturday morning Nolwazi decided to keep the curtain to her eyes shut till little later then usual and so did her parents. Her brother Sisando decided to bring out the little thief in him.

Sisando who was eight years old decided to steal the boil egg and mayo salad from the fridge. He ate and ate till his heart content, without leaving a single inch of his stomach unfilled. When Nolwazi and her parents got up they saw the bowl upsidedown and a huge mayo mess in the kitchen and they already knew who would be the thief. They called for Sisando, he quietly came like nothing happened. Nolwazi knew how to make him confess so she came up with a plan with her brilliant parents. They knew how much Sisando loved bake beans salad especially when it was served with meat . So Nolwazi made it but this time with extra chillies and spice. She named it ‘ Sisando Special ‘. In the meanwhile Sisando quietly watched from the corridor while trying not to be seen. Nolwazi played with her brother as usual but when the clock hit 11 she decided to “sleep” and so did her parents. This made Sisando so glad. He waited till there was complete silence and sneaked to the kitchen like a short thief that he was. He open the fridge with a wide smile and gratefully cuddled that bowl of salad. As soon as he took a bite he felt a burn on his tongue. He loved the salad so much he decided to endure it.

He ate and ate, he even licked the bowl but then he felt a kick in his stomach. He went to the bathroom but then he was constipated. He knew he had alot of gas now. It was finally time for everyone to get up and watch a movie with snacks. Everyone realized during the movie Sisando was rubbing his stomach and all of a sudden he let out a huge gas followed by another one and the next and the next. Sisando parents and Nolwazi decided to act as if they didn’t notice but they tried to block they nose without making him feel bad but they all had a load of laughter inside waiting to unleash. To add fuel to the fire after the movie ended, Nolwazi father decided to announce that his going to the shop for more beans and eggs . Sisando thought of it as a bonus, he patiently farted and farted till his father came back . When his father did come back, he came with his brother. Sisando ran to the kitchen and let out such a massive explosion that the eggs fell n cracked n the window too. He was filled with so much disgust of the situation he never touched eggs and beans again. Better yet he never ever stole food from the fridge.

Sisando learnt his lesson while Nolwazi decided not to lose out on both the salads so she made it often and ate it front of her brother until history repeated itself. They lesson’s were learnt and salads was never mentioned.