[ Try Not To Cry Challenge ] 🙂

Read this while playing a sad music.

” BTS,Their Last Concert “

” Amiii !!! ” Jin shouted but army didn’t respond.

It’s year 2027 BTS decided to held their last concert on the very last day in their contract.

Everyone is crying except of the Bangtan boys,they force their self not to cry so that Army will not cry harder..

” Amiii !!! ” Jin yelled again but still no one responded.

” Army’s please don’t be sad. ” Namjoon said ’cause he can see all Army’s crying.

” Even though our contract are ended our love for all of you are never ended and please always remember that. ” Namjoon added but still ARMY didn’t respond.

Yoongi go closer to the Army’s.

” Yoongi oppa we love you please don’t leave us. ” Army shouted while crying.

” But we can’t stay everything will ended except our love for all of you. ” Yoongi said with teary eye.

All Army’s are sobbering.

” Armyyy !!! ” Now Taehyung shouted.

“Can you please shout our fan chat for the last time make it louder so that we can all remember that even if we’re gone. ” Taehyung said while crying.

Army sobbered when they all can hear the word ” Last time “.

For all army this day is the painful day and the most saddest day because all the years they spend together all the years full of happiness and sad at the same time will be over.

So all army shout for the last time.

Kim Namjoon

Kim Seokjin

Min Yoongi

Jung Hoseok

Park Jimin

Kim Taehyung

Jeon Jungkook


When Army shouted everyone are crying and BTS perform the last song of their concert and that is Let Go,everyones sobbering.

They didn’t sing well beacuse they are crying so that army are the one’s to sing.

When they already done singing there’s an fireworks of the sky so beautiful army’s looking at fireworks when they look back at stage BTS are gone…

All army’s are crying hard of the last concert they go home with a cry face…

Tomorrow you’ll wake up with no more BTS songs,no more BTS funny moments,and specially,no more Kim Namjoon,No more Kim Seokjin,no more

Min Yoongi,no more Jung Hoseok,no more Park Jimin,no more Kim Taehyung,no more Jeon Jungkook.

And no more our 7 Anpanmans.

Let treasure the all memories of our boys,remember all of that and never forget BTS.

Imagine how painful that BTS will leave us sooner. 💜🥺😭😢😔💔