She grabbed my hand, stopping me in my steps, abruptly. I was about to lash out, and scream where the hell she gets the nerve to just grab me like that, when something about her desperate grip on my arm, made me feel afraid, and almost, threatened.

Her eyes were wide and she looked frightened and in a rush.

“I know you. I’ve seen you before.”she whispered urgently to me.

“No, you don’t. You’re mistakening me for somebody else.” I replied, almost wincing from her tight grip on me.

“No! I know you. I’ve seen you, crying. Your tears were blood. You were crying, but blood was flowing down your cheeks instead of tears.”she almost shouted at me.

I was like a fish out of water, gaping for words. What does that mean? What does this woman want from me? Tears and blood?

There was only one thing my mind kept saying to me,
“Run away.”and as if my legs corresponded with what my mind was saying, I found myself shaking her hand from my arm and pacing away, in frustration and…fear!

What’s this feeling she has of knowing me? Blood and tears.