In my own understanding, a definition of a motivator is something that provides a reason or stimulus to do something.
There’s nothing that can keep you more going than being your own motivator. Being your own motivator assists you during tough times in life; saying a few words like “Nothing is impossible; Life is like steps; each step is a lesson” these words can be very helpful on those hard days ,they can take you very far.
We should learn first how to talk to ourselves and how to control our emotions. Being in charge and in control of your life can make each step of the way much more easier;in that way there’s nothing that can knock us down easier in life.
During these past few weeks we saw that suicide was a trending topic everywhere on social media;TVs ;radios and even on newspapers. I believe if we were all able to motivate ourselves suicide wouldn’t be on such a higher level.
In one word I say we should normalize building ourselves; motivating ourselves and that can pull off more barriers or difficulties that we face in our everyday lives and make our lives easier.
Be your own motivator!