Today is the day to boost your brain! We’ve got a couple of good things for you to do.

If you haven’t yet signed up for it, REGISTER NOW for the Brain Booster: English Revision course. The course includes language, comprehension and literature study based on exciting stories, poems and articles that will get you thinking and learning. And, if you complete it before the end of April, you’ll get your certificate of completion (or completion and excellence if you do really well 😇) in early May.

Click here to get to the Courses page and get ready to LEARN! Remember, you must be logged in to do courses, or comment or like content. If you don’t know how to sign up for FunDza, get some HELP here.

Then if you’re keen to recharge your brain even more… READ these two blogs that will give you lots of tips to keep your brain active, and those neural pathways open and ready for new knowledge and connections! READ Train your brain – Part 1 and Train your brain – Part 2.

Finally, if that’s enough work for today… SETTLE DOWN for a Sunday read with this thriller: Diamonds. Fifteen-year-olds Busi and Nomsa want to experience the thrill of the city at night, with good-looking guys, fast cars and fun… But the night has its dark shadows too, as they soon find out.

Stay safe, FunDza Fanz! And keep those brain cells active 🥰