Many of our Fanz writers are putting their experiences to paper and writing about being in lockdown or about the virus. SUPPORT these young writers by READING their poems and leaving a COMMENT too!

Lockdown Day 1
Spiritual Advice due to Corona
Lockdown Day 6

As well as this essay – Prevention is better than cure – which is going live today!

And, do you have a younger sibling or child at home? If you do, then spend a little bit of time with them reading. There’s a new children’s story out – this one is called ‘Dog’. READ them the story and REMEMBER to point out the pictures, and ask questions along the way.

Finally, how about a little fun outside in your yard. Do you have a little bit of space to grow plants or space for some pots? TRY OUT one of these cool gardening ideas:

How to make compost in a plastic bag
How to grow delicious spinach in a tyre
How to grow mint indoors

May you have a relaxing day.