Course Catalogue

Grammar course: sentences, phrases and clauses

Keep your brain oiled in the holidays and get your head around English sentence structure, and other related grammatical issues! Please note that you will not be able to redo these quizzes, so make sure to check your answers before you submit. Course ends 28 February 2019, certificates sent out first week of March.
(NB: Grammar is tricky – and there are also different ways to analyse language. So don’t worry if you don’t understand yet how it all fits together…!)

Literature Study: ‘Camp Mowana’ and ‘All that glitters’

Enjoy these two easy short crime/mystery stories written by two of FunDza’s most prolific – and popular – writers, and brush up on your comprehension and literature skills as you answer the questions. Remember, you will not be able to change your answers so make sure you check them before you submit. (Course ends end March 2019. Certificates sent out in the first week of April.)

Looking good for love – two short stories

Love stories are always a popular genre on the FunDza site…Read and enjoy these two stories in which both the main characters feel that they don’t look good enough for love! Then develop your comprehension skills and understanding of literary techniques by answering the questions that follow. This course is easier than some of our others. Please note that for this course you will not be able to redo quizzes to get higher marks. (Course ends Jan 2019. Certificates sent out in the first week of February.)