Course Catalogue

Appreciating Poetry

This course showcases a range of different kinds of poems, as well as revising figurative language techniques that many of these poets use. Some of the poems are more challenging than others, but all will get you thinking, learning, and hopefully – growing to love reading poetry! (Course ends 30 November 2018, certificates of completion are sent out in the first week of December.)

Lens on life: a collection of articles about different individuals in South Africa

This collection of feature articles explores various aspects of life in South Africa for different individuals. There are stories of hope, and some of hardship. The last text explores the genre and style of feature articles themselves. Practise your comprehension skills as you learn more about different people’s stories. (The course ends on 31 October 2018, certificates sent out first week of November.)

Literature study – Forbidden Love

Develop your comprehension skills – and your understanding of prejudice – by reading the two love stories ‘In search of happiness’ and ‘Thobani and Lizo’, and completing the comprehension questions based on them. The stories, by two upcoming South African writers, Sonwabiso Ngcowa and Cebisa Zono, are both love stories that explore the challenges encountered when this love is frowned upon by many in society. (Course ends 31 December 2018. Certificates sent out in the first week of January 2019.)