Course Catalogue

A new me

It is the beginning of the year, time for positive change! Complete this course to get ideas on how to get the best out of life for yourself and for your relationships, as well as to develop your comprehension and language skills. (Course ends March 2020. Certificates sent out first week of April.)

For richer or poorer…

Stories can help us reflect on the world we live in, and this course consists of two short stories, an article and a poem that explore the differences between rich and poor, and how inequality shapes everyday lives and experiences. Complete the course to develop your comprehension and understanding. (Course finishes at end February 2020, certificates sent out first week in March).


This course contains a story, articles and a poem about the causes and challenges of being without a home. Complete the course to improve your comprehension, and also to gain more understanding of the people that we see every day living on the street… (Course finishes at the end of April 2020. Certificates sent out first week of May.)