Course Catalogue

Course Competition: Moving Up with the Majolas

Enter this exciting course competition now! Up for grabs: R2,000 in cash prizes and goodie bags of treats for FIVE lucky winners!
To enter you must:
1. Read all 10 chapters and complete the survey questions.
2. Read all 10 info sections and answer the quizzes.
3. Two new chapters are released per week (Mondays and Thursdays).
4. For each chapter you need to do ALL of the following: read the chapter, answer the survey, read the info section, and answer the quiz.
The course must be fully complete by the closing date: midnight on 22 November 2019.
Please note:
* The competition is open to all citizens and residents of South Africa who are over the age of 13 years.
* Terms and conditions apply. Read these here.

Deceived and abused…

This course consists of a story, a play a very short essay/flash fiction story and an article, all of which deal with tales of how young women were – or can be – deceived and abused. Most of the stories are not ‘true’ – they are creations of their authors – but sadly, as we know, SA has a very high incidence of women abuse, and things like these stories describe do happen frequently. We recommend this course for older readers. (Please also note that if you are recovering from trauma that although it can sometimes be helpful to read about it, it can also sometimes be too disturbing, and trigger uncomfortable feelings.) Course ends October 2019, Certificates sent out first week of November.

The heat is on – polluting our world

What does the phrase ‘protect our environment’ mean to you? Do you just think of it as an issue only for the people who love nature, or do you see it as one of the greatest challenges of our time? This course consists of information pieces, a short story and a poem that explore different aspects of the importance of our environment to our everyday lives. (Course finishes at the end of November. Certificates sent out in the first week of December.)