Course Catalogue

Brain booster: English revision

Keep on top of your English studies during the lockdown by completing this course. It includes language, comprehension and literature study based on exciting stories, poems and articles that will get you thinking and learning. Do it now! This course will remain open, and certificates will be handed out in the first week of each month to those who have successfully finished the course. Good luck!

SPECIAL: Moving Up with the Majolas course (Prizes up for grabs!!)

This special course is brought to you by FunDza and Metropolitan. The course closes on 30 June 2020.
Up for grabs is a smartphone for the entrant who receives the highest aggregate quiz mark for the completed course. The next top 10 performers, according to aggregate quiz marks, which each receive a literacy pack from FunDza. All those who complete the course will receive a Certificate of Completion, and those whose average quiz score is above 70% will receive a Certificate of Completion and Excellence. Terms and conditions apply. View here for more.
PLEASE NOTE: This course is a repeat of the Moving Up with the Majolas Course Competition that took place in October/November 2019. Participants of that course competition are ineligible from participating in this course competition.
Good luck… and get money-wise NOW!

Sports stories

Sport – it can unite and divide us! This course focuses on stories and interviews that have sports as a theme. Read about the dramas on and off the sports field, and then deepen your comprehension by answering questions about each text. (Course finishes at the end of May 2020. Certificates sent out first week of June.)

Transactional Writing – from articles to speeches

This course gives practical tips on writing various pieces such as letters to the press, magazine and newspaper articles, speeches and obituaries, as well as examples of these texts. Useful for all writers! There is also a special piece aimed at high school learners on how to deal with these topics in Paper 3, their writing exam. (Course ends 31 July)

Word Master

Develop your vocabulary and become a Word Master with this quiz that gives you the short-cuts to work out the meanings of words using prefixes and suffixes, as well as a lot of other helpful information that will make your English shine! (Finishes end of June 2020, certificates sent out first week of July.)

This course is not too difficult but it does require attention to detail – if you are not sure of the answer, remember you can always go back to the explanation to help you!