Course Catalogue

All about punctuation

Brush up on your punctuation skills with this detailed and sometimes challenging course that ranges from capital letters at the beginning of sentences, full-stops at the end, and then everything in between! (Course ends 28 February 2018. Certificates of completion sent in first week of March.)

Literature Study: ‘Climbing ladders, falling friends’ and ‘My friend Kylie’

In this course you will read two popular short stories that many readers have enjoyed, and answer comprehension, language and vocabulary stories on each chapter. Then you will use these stories to revise the concepts of literature and story analysis. (Course ends 30 April 2018. Certificates of completion sent first week of May.)

Practising comprehension: Getting personal

This is a collection of articles, blogs and poems about relationships, and the difficult business of making them work! Develop your reading skills while finding out about challenges and joys of how we interact with others in our lives. (Course ends 31 March. Certificates of completion sent first week of April.)