Course Catalogue

Learning about apartheid through literature

This course uses literature written during apartheid to highlight the struggles and injustices of the time. Literature can give voice to individual stories and experiences in a unique way. The texts come from a book called Amagama eNkululeko and the whole book is on the site for you to read. The texts are demanding, but you will learn a lot from this course as the explanations given for which answer is correct also give you lots more insight and historical information. (Course ends 31 January 2018. Certificates of completion sent first week of February.)

Literature study: Two short stories – ‘Courage like a lion’ and ‘Beads under my shirt’

In this course you will read two popular short stories that many readers have enjoyed, and answer comprehension, language and vocabulary stories on each chapter. Then you will use these stories to revise the concepts of literature and story analysis. (Course ends 31 December 2017. Certificates of completion sent first week of January.)

More about parts of speech

This course extends your knowledge about parts of speech, and includes information about different kinds of sentences. Give it a try and expand your knowledge of English grammar! (Course ends 30 November 2017. Certificates sent first week of December.)