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#GoalSetting - turning goals into reality

How can you set goals - and make sure you stick to them? This course has two helpful articles and a dialogue to help you set and attain your goals. 45 mins.

A sporting chance

Sport - it can unite and divide us! This course focuses on stories and interviews that have sports as a theme. Read about the dramas on and off the sports field, and then deepen your comprehension and understanding of genre by answering questions about each text. (2.5 hours)

Applying for college/university

Do you want to go to college or university and don't know how to start? Then this course is for you! It looks at how to choose a course and what financial support there is available. Time: 25 mins.

Are you a bully?

We have all experienced bullying in one way or another. This course consists of two short stories and an article that explores this issue from different perspectives. (2 hours).

Be a changemaker: #ActiveCitizenship

What does it mean to be an active citizen? How can we play our parts to ensure that society changes for the better? The short story and two articles in this course explore the answers to these questions. 2.5 hours.

Dealing with depression

Depression is real, and affects millions of people world-wide. It can be especially difficult during this time when everyone else seems to be focusing on having fun, and there is still a stigma attached to mental health problems. The story and articles in this course explore the experiences of what it's like living with depression. 2 hours.

Dealing with drugs

Substance abuse is a major problem in South Africa, affecting millions of people. This course, which consists of a short story, two articles and a poem, explores the effects that alcohol and drugs have on users and the people around them. Time: 3 hours.

Living on the street

There are thousands of homeless people in South Africa. What is it like living on the street? This course contains a range of texts about the causes and challenges of being without a home. Complete the course to improve your comprehension, and also to gain more understanding of the people that we see - but don't notice - every day. 80 mins.

Making it with the Majolas - Entrepreneurship Course

The Making it with the Majolas course takes readers on Nolwazi's journey as she follows her dreams of running her own business, supported by the Majola family. Each chapter is accompanied by useful tips for aspiring entrepreneurs. Time: 4 hours

Open course - All about adjectives and adverbs

This short, informative, interesting, helpful course is all about... adjectives and adverbs! Stretch your brain and learn more about English in this fascinating course!

Open course - All about nouns

This course is all about NOUNS - common ones, proper ones, collective ones... you name it, it's covered! Challenge your brain with these tricky objects and enjoy the learning! 16 very quizzes.

Permanent Course - Practising Comprehension 1

Practise your comprehension skills on these 6 different texts. Some are factual, some are more personal and reflective. The questions develop deep reading, increase your vocabulary, and extend your knowledge. 7 quizzes.

Permanent Course: Lessons for life

This course will help you to develop inner strength and well-being as you reflect on your life. Articles cover topics such as gratitude, resilience, judgement of others and ourselves, and more, all accompanied by multiple-choice questions that aim to help your comprehension and self-reflection. 2.5 hours

Permanent course: Perfect your punctuation

Brush up on your punctuation skills with this detailed and sometimes challenging course that ranges from capital letters at the beginning of sentences, full-stops at the end, and then everything in between! Also includes that tricky business of punctuating direct speech... (Certificates available for download upon successful course completion if you got above 50%.)

Permanent Course: Writing academic essays

This course, particularly aimed at tertiary students, helps you to understand and write academic essays, giving you practical tips and guidance along the way. (5 quizzes. Certificates available for download upon successful course completion if you got above 50%.)

Permanent Course: Writing good essays

There are different kinds of essays required at school, and some of the essay writing tips here will come in very useful for tertiary and work writing too. Work through this course to improve your writing in discursive, persuasive, reflective, narrative and descriptive essays, and watch your marks go up and/or your reader numbers grow! (16 quizzes. Certificates available for download upon successful course completion if you got above 50%.)

Powerful poetry

This course has a line-up of powerful poems that will stretch your mind and touch your heart. Some poems and questions are challenging - but even if you don't get all answers right, you will grow in your understanding and appreciation of these evocative poems. (2 hours)

Reading: Better than a pill

This course explores the benefits of reading to show you that reading (on FunDza!) is not only enjoyable but is linked to a whole host of other benefits as well. 1.5 hrs. (Certificates available for download upon successful course completion if you got above 50%.)

Study Skills

This course draws on a range of very useful, well-researched techniques to help you ace any tests or exams you are facing! 45 mins.

Training: Running teen reading clubs

This course, aimed at teachers and reading group facilitators, presents both the theory and practice of why and how to get young people reading for pleasure, either in class group sessions or as part of an after-school programme. It is SACE accredited for 15 points. 2.5 hours.

Training: Running teen writing clubs

This course is aimed at teachers and any other facilitator interested in running creative writing workshops with teens. It explores effective ways of teaching writing, and then offers a practical curriculum of around 12 writing club sessions. The questions deepen understanding of the reasons behind the activities, as well as reinforcing their effective implementation.

University Life

Being at university is tough - and comes with a whole new set of challenges as you are now responsible for time, money, food and managing your studies. This course equips you with valuable information on how to navigate your new independent life. 90 mins.

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