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Matric success - poetry

This course analyses the tools and techniques used in the 10 poems prescribed for grade 12 English as a First Additional Language. The descriptions and questions will deepen your understanding of these rich poems. Grade 12 learners who are studying poetry will find it particularly useful, but it will certainly develop all participants' appreciation of poetry. 10 quizzes. (Course ends 31 October. Certificates available for download upon successful course completion if you got above 50%.)

Own your destiny!

Ever dreamed of starting your own business? Then this course is for you! It takes you through the process and supports you all the way, giving practical tips and examples. 9 quizzes. (Course ends 30 November 2021. Certificates available for download upon successful course completion.) NB: If you complete this course successfully, you'll be invited to sign up for a private course - to submit your business plan - and with the chance of winning seed investment of R5,000! (Terms and conditions apply. This option is ONLY available to successful completers of the "Own your destiny!" course.)

Parent to be

This course looks at stories and articles about young people who did not plan to fall pregnant, and yet found themselves facing this reality. What decisions have to be made? How does having an unplanned baby affect your life's path? Read these compelling texts and explore how other people have faced this challenge. The multiple choice questions will deepen your comprehension and understanding of these pieces. 13 quizzes. (Course finishes at end of September. Certificates available for download upon successful course completion..)

Permanent Course: Better than a pill

This is the first of our permanent courses that is ALWAYS ON! It explores the benefits of reading to show you that reading (on FunDza!) is not only enjoyable but is linked to a whole host of other benefits as well. 5 short quizzes.

Pictures talk

This course focuses on visual literacy and how we are manipulated by advertisers. It is excellent exam revision for high school learners, but is also useful for all as it helps participants to become thoughtful and critical viewers of images in the media. 9 quizzes. (Course finishes 15 November. Certificates available for download upon successful course completion if you got above 50%.)

Rainbow Love

This course explores the challenges of being gay in a conservative society. There are two powerful love stories, and then two articles and a poem that give differing perspectives on what it's like to be gay in South Africa today. 18 quizzes. (Course ends 30 September 2021. Certificates available for download upon successful course completion if you got 50% and above.)

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