Course Catalogue

Lens on life: a collection of articles about different individuals in South Africa

This collection of feature articles explores various aspects of life in South Africa for different individuals. There are stories of hope, and some of hardship. The last text explores the genre and style of feature articles themselves. Practise your comprehension skills as you learn more about different people’s stories. (The course ends on 31 October 2018, certificates sent out first week of November.)

Practising comprehension: Where is Home?

For all of history people have escaped wars and poverty to try to find better lives elsewhere. This course consists of a collection of different texts all exploring the issue of being a refugee, and the challenges that refugees face in South Africa. Develop your comprehension skills as you read and answer questions on these powerful texts. (Course ends 30 September 2018. Certificates of completion sent first week of October 2018.)

Science fiction – Stories from the Future

This challenging course explains science fiction, and showcases three short stories set in the future. ‘Things to do in Durban when you’re dead’ is written by world-famous writer Sarah Lotz, specially for FunDza, and the two short stories were winners in our 2044 story competition. (Course ends 31 August 2018. Certificates of completion sent first week of September 2018.)