Course Catalogue

All about figurative language

Figurative language is when writers use various techniques to make their writing interesting, often by using comparisons to other things. We often use figurative language ourselves without even realising it. This course explores the ways we use language to spice up our writing and speaking. You may not have heard of some of these technical figurative language terms even if you have used them. This course is long, and quite a brain-twister, especially the last few modules – so remember to read the explanations and questions carefully! We hope you will enjoy challenging your brain with this course! (Course ends end June 2018, certificates sent out in first week of July.)

Literature Study: ‘Awesome foursome’ and ‘For Love or Money’

In this course you will read two popular short romance stories that many readers have enjoyed. Each chapter has comprehension, language and vocabulary questions. Then you will use these stories to revise the concepts of literature and story analysis. (Course ends 31 July 2018. Certificates of completion sent first week of August.)

Science fiction – Stories from the Future

This challenging course explains science fiction, and showcases three short stories set in the future. ‘Things to do in Durban when you’re dead’ is written by world-famous writer Sarah Lotz, specially for FunDza, and the two short stories were winners in our 2044 story competition. (Course ends 31 August 2018. Certificates of completion sent first week of September 2018.)