Course Catalogue

A guide to writing different kinds of essays

There are different kinds of essays required at school, and some of these essay writing tips come in very useful for tertiary and work writing too. Work through this clear and useful course – back by popular demand – to improve your writing in discursive, persuasive, reflective, narrative and descriptive essays, and watch your marks go up! (Course ends September 2019. Certificates are sent out first week in October.)

Deceived and abused…

This course consists of a story, a play a very short essay/flash fiction story and an article, all of which deal with tales of how young women were – or can be – deceived and abused. Most of the stories are not ‘true’ – they are creations of their authors – but sadly, as we know, SA has a very high incidence of women abuse, and things like these stories describe do happen frequently. We recommend this course for older readers. (Please also note that if you are recovering from trauma that although it can sometimes be helpful to read about it, it can also sometimes be too disturbing, and trigger uncomfortable feelings.) Course ends October 2019, Certificates sent out first week of November.

Surprised by parenthood

This course looks at stories and articles about young people who did not plan to fall pregnant, and yet found themselves facing this reality. What decisions have to be made? How does having an unplanned baby affect your life’s path? Read these compelling texts and explore how other people have faced this challenge. The multiple choice questions will deepen your comprehension and understanding of these pieces. (Course finishes at the end of August. Certificates sent out first week in September.)