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Hi Justin. Sorry to hear you're finding it confusing. First you need to register as a FunDza user. Click on the menu tab and then the link 'log in'. You can register there as a user. Once you're registered, click on the menu tab again and then the link 'Courses'. You can now select which course you want to do. Once you're registered for the course, click on the menu tab (again!) and then now click on 'Profile'. This will show you what courses you are registered for... and you can use it to scroll between the course work. Hope that helps but if you're still struggling, send us an email - info@fundza.co.za
Mignon · a week ago
Finding difficult in starting course you are confusing me
Justin LIPILAELO · a week ago
Please I was unable to get registered
Adeyinka Aderogba · 5 months ago
Umh if you need to forget your worries find someone who will help you to be comfortable to speak,like therapist n social workers .
Rihana · 5 months ago
I just want to help the children who are struggling at home.
Rihana · 5 months ago