Course Catalogue

Parts of speech – all about nouns and adjectives

Get technical with our latest course, and learn all about the different kinds of nouns and adjectives. This course – back by popular demand! – is a revised, more detailed version of one in the past. Course ends at the end of May 2019, Certificates sent out in the first week of June.

Practising Comprehension – a selection of interesting articles and stories

Get your comprehension and language skills up to scratch while enjoying local stories about swag, Carvelas, clever cheats, and other more serious articles too. (Some faithful course participants may recognise some articles they have enjoyed in the past!)
Course finishes end of June 2019, Certificates sent out first week in July.

Work-wise tips for job-seekers

We all know how hard it is to find a job, and it is easy to lose hope and give up. This collection of articles gives different ways on how you can develop yourself both personally and professionally while you are unemployed. The multiple-choice quiz questions help to apply these learnings to practical situations. (Course finishes end of July 2019, certificates sent out in the first week of August).