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Do you want to:
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Well, now you can! FunDza’s courses are based on exciting local stories, poems that explore topics ranging from slay queens to similes… What’s more – they are FREE!

For each course you complete you will receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ and – if you score more than 75% on average (unless otherwise stated for a specific course) – then you’ll get a ‘Certificate of Completion and Excellence’. Certificates are emailed to you once the course has finished.

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All about adjectives and adverbs

This short, informative, interesting, helpful course is all about... adjectives and adverbs! Stretch your brain and learn more about English in this very short (enjoyable fascinating) course! 14 quizzes. Course ends 31 May. Certificates sent out by 15 June.

Course Competition: That Majola Magic

Keywords: Financial literacy, Life lessons, Human drama
That Majola Magic course competition takes readers on a journey with the Majola family. It has been a year and a half since the Majola family laid the tombstone on the grave of Grace Majola – beloved wife to Baba and mother to Themba, Samke and Busi. A lot has happened in that time. Baba has retired, Samke’s salon business has grown, Busi has finished her coding course and is an intern at The Data Company and, last but not least, Themba and Lerato are going to get married… Find out what happens and learns some life lessons along the way too. This course competition sponsored by Momentum Metropolitan Foundation. It is only open to people over the age of 18 years who live in South Africa. Please read the full Terms and Conditions here before signing up. The course competition closes at midnight on 30 May 2021.

Let's talk about gangs

Gangs are a huge problem in South Africa. Why do people join them? What's it like being part of one? And what can society do to stop young people from becoming part of violent and criminal gangs that terrorise so many? This short course explores these issues. 8 quizzes. (Course ends 31 May 2021. Certificates sent out early April.)

Poetry in Motion

This (quite challenging) course introduces some of the tools of the poetic trade (metaphor, alliteration, irony...) and then covers a variety of poems with different themes and styles - there are poems about childhood, about being new in a strange place, about gender-based violence. 14 quizzes. Course finishes end of July. Certificates sent out by 15 June.

Sex talk

At what age should young people have sex? And why is there such pressure on teens to have sex? Do we talk about sex enough? This course explores these and other issues related to sex and growing up...Eight quizzes. (Course ends June 30. Certificates sent out by 15 July.)

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