Yes, of course confidently, “You are my role model “
You teach us to visualise values
While you never mind about venues
You walk like planet stranger spreading sight mental lesson.
Not worrying about non-metal person
You are provider than divider
On the street walking confidently
You are polite
While acting punctual plot.

You teach my near Spaza man material must not cloud priority
Yes, because he dance and forget about purity
You never forget about your dreams
You prepare consistently the first time
On the journey, you never carry a light that is dim
While never accept a colourless project neither that is lime.
You never show your private problems public.

Cause, you don’t beg like a diplomat in public
That is why to me and my siblings, you are my our role model
You always motivate union
Especially made by companion
Our future is lighted by your doing
Because confidently building hope in us like supernatural beings.
You are my our role model because to my family I never hide your ambition
Yes, of course, is motivated by education
That is why I’m bold “You are my role model”.