Where we’re from
Is a place of chaos.
Every day is a struggle.
On every corner lurks danger.
Different perils to chew you up,
Never to be heard of or seen again.
You need survival tactics.
Either that or you’re gone.
The clever-minded yield
Different mechanisms,
Tools for survival.
Although danger inhabits every corner,
I strive to conquer.

Ambition is my birthmark.
Great intellect my weaknesses.
Perceiving my greatest weapon.
Patience my innermost sentiment.
Wisdom the best gift from a Father.
What then could hinder or
Deceive me so that I do not become
That which I was meant to be.
The Queen of a vicious pack
Hungry for success.
The leader of a pride,
Destined for greatness.
The mother of pearls,
Who carries a beautiful future.
The greatest leader of a pride.