Franschhoek got beautiful cars
They are not driven in the planet Mars
Black built mobile wheels
They are the reason my eyes are healed

Growing up in old-ancient Transkei
While never aim for dreams that are high
Fishing was our hobby
Everything is taught by naughty

We admire our lifestyle while it was standing
We never worry about the problem that is standing
Our love was plants
We never worry about the technological parts
Wearing old greyish blankets
Mastering 25-litre bucket
We told ourselves, we are full of knowledge

The letter came “The son must come to Cape Town
Inside I have unfinished business in Transkei
First, in the road, I was amazed by beautiful towns
I started thinking “No my mind was clouded”
Ocean noise my ears were loaded
Beautiful cars, beautiful cars, I need to be someone in life
Not only worrying mastering cows by knives
“My dreams must be achieved by education”
Everything must be achieved in goal duration
Rolling, rolling and rolling.