I love loving you, my love!
You’re the love of my life
The strength of my weakness
Looking at you, I see the beauty in me
Because I’ve got good taste in love
I’m not the kinda abusive guy
Because I see every woman as a rosy princess
And you my love, you’re the Queen

If ever you cry on my account just know,
They’re only tears of joy,
Forget about the hardship of life
‘Cause you a have perfect relationship with me

I know you believe the antics of men are the same,
Trust, my Queen, I’m different
When it come to feelings,
I don’t hurt feelings, I restore them,
I know you might not believe me,
But give me a chance to prove you
I love loving you.

You’re different because I chose you
Out of them all,
And I don’t do two bulls in one kraal,
I know you’ve been hurt before,
I know you’ve been abused before,
I know you don’t believe in love any more

But I am the one heavenly sent
To erase all those sad memories
And encourage the sweet and good ones.
If you could say yes, I promise
Your life will never be the same again.
I love loving you, my love!
I love you!!