I’m excited if you are
If you are not afraid to fly
Let us soar, high to the sky
I’m ready when you are.

Let me drape you in a cloud
Inaugurate you with the brightest of stars
Come with me, let’s glide to mars
I’ll be near so you don’t miss me.

Can you hear that, that sound?
The music, it is not a thump of the drum
Nor is it a melody from a flute
It’s a rhythmic portion of a happy heart.

Walk with me, stroll on heavens backyard
As the breeze gently whispers ancient tunes
I will pick you a flower from forbidden gardens
Designed in butterflies and lady birds

We can climb the highest mountain
Trail through the deepest valleys
Explore fantasies and wonders of love
Rest assured in my arms you are secure.

We can get lost in dream land
Entangled in our emotional journey
Sinking into a silent symphony of love
Together as we are, just you and I.