I’m sorry my love
alone was not enough.
I’m sorry my pockets were as empty
as the promises I made.
I’m sorry we both wanted more when we had it all.

Distance drove us further apart and made
sure we couldn’t be. Time wasn’t on our side
but promised to heal us just not as one.

I’m sorry we learned the hard way.
I know it didn’t last forever but we both know
it was never lust, at some point it was real
and never was it mean.

We lost our spark and ran out of luck.
It was heart-wrecking to watch you lose me.
I hope you understand why I chose me.
Sometimes the best way to say I love you
is to say goodbye, stay apart but forever at peace
and our broken hearts at ease…

…and I’m sorry that has to be our reality.
I know it’s hard to swallow but it will digest.